Managing NFS and NIS

Errata for Managing NFS and NIS

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Version Location Description Submitted By Date submitted Date corrected
Page x
3rd line

"NFS and NFS specifications" NOW READS "NFS and NIS specifications"

Anonymous    Dec 01, 2004
Page 9
last sentence on page

"...most Intenet users..."
should read:
"...most Internet users..."

Page 10
middle of the page

For example, an ISP that was assigned 192.1.2 and 192.1.3 could have a
classless network number of Any router on a network other
than 192.1.2 or 192.1.3 that wanted to send to either network number would
instead route to a single router associated with the classless network
number (i.e., any IP address that had its first 23 bits equal
to 1100 0000 0000 0001 0000 001).

The two "" NOW READ ""?

Anonymous    Dec 01, 2004
Page 25
middle of the page(code block)

The 3rd word "Orglanization" NOW READS "Organization"

Anonymous    Dec 01, 2004
Page 108
Figure 6-1

The left caption said that "NFS Server h", but I'm afraid that "NFS Server
bitatron" is correct.

Page 158
code block in the item numbered "8"

wahoo# unshare /export/swap/honeymoon
wahoo# rm /export/swap/honeymoon

wahoo# unshare /export/swap/honeymoon.tmp
wahoo# rm /export/swap/honeymoon.tmp

Anonymous    Dec 01, 2004
Page 185
2nd paragraph

"/etc/init/autofs:" NOW READS "/etc/init.d/autofs:"

Anonymous    Dec 01, 2004