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The errata list is a list of errors and their corrections that were found after the product was released.

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Printed, PDF, Safari Books Online, Other Digital Version Page 1

Missing the following pre-release reviewers: Eric Freeman Adam Loving Pass Mustafa Andrew Robertson

Gabe Zichermann  Sep 22, 2011 
Other Digital Version 67
2nd paragraph and image

On page 67, talking about the Social engagement loop, the sentence above the image doesn't align with what is shown in the image. The text says Motivating emotion, then Player Re-engagement. The image however festure Motivation emotion then Social call to action. So, which is the correct flow? I bought my book from Amazon using the Kindle app on my iPad.

Christoffer Hansson  Jul 03, 2012 
Printed, PDF, Other Digital Version Page 68
Figure 4-7

Figure 4-7 shows the social engagement loop as Motivating Emotion ➔ Social Call to Action ➔ Player Re-Engagement ➔ Visible Progress / Reward However, in the text and in all examples (e.g. on pp. 68 and 69), the loop is actually (and more logically) described as Motivating Emotion ➔ Player Re-Engagement ➔ Social Call to Action ➔ Visible Progress / Reward

Johann Richard  Sep 08, 2011 
Printed Page 118
4th paragraph

There are 2 code snippets: class User belongs_to : level ... class Level < ActiveRecord::Base has_many :users ... And in the next sentence: This describes the "User has many Levels" relationship... I think it must be: This describes the "Level has many Users" relationship... Because every user has only one current level (level_id), but one specific level may be achived by many users. As also said by the code snippets.

Jürgen Stauvermann  Jun 02, 2013