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The errata list is a list of errors and their corrections that were found after the product was released.

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Safari Books Online ?
See below

Ch 1. under the heading "Multiple Words", I found this: A one-word search query isn’t going to give you a targeted a search result. The phrase "a targeted a search result" should instead read "as targeted a search result". Ch 1. under the heading "Wildcards", I found this: When you put numbers between the *, Google will display the product of those two numbers. This is an exception to the wildcard use case. The phrase "numbers between the *" should instead read "the * between numbers". I could not give the page number, because it was the Safari Books version, and I did not see a page number. Thank you for the great books and your attention to this.--David

David Eldridge  Feb 16, 2015 
Other Digital Version 19
Numbered listing after Figure 3-2

The EPUB version starts the numbered listing after the figure at "1." instead of continuing at "13.". The PDF version is correct.

Anonymous  Aug 06, 2011