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Errata for Learning CFEngine 3

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The errata list is a list of errors and their corrections that were found after the product was released.

The following errata were submitted by our customers and have not yet been approved or disproved by the author or editor. They solely represent the opinion of the customer.

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Version Location Description Submitted By Date Submitted
PDF Page 85
4th line up from bottom of the page

Looks like a typo in the code: bundle agent edit_sshd { files: "$(configfiles.files[sshdconfig])" instead of bundle agent edit_sshd { files: "$(configfiles.files[sshd])"

Frank  May 28, 2014 
PDF Page 59
Code on page 59

The code as is printed on page 59 does not work. The code from the git repository is different in the classes: line and it does work on Linux only, still fails to do anything on NetBSD. Please update the code in the book, ebook, thanks.

Frank  May 25, 2014 
PDF Page 59
Code on Page 59

The code on page 59 does work on Linux. FYI unfortunately it fails to do anything on NetBSD. : [/home//cfe_code] # uname -a NetBSD 6.1.4_PATCH NetBSD 6.1.4_PATCH (MYKERNEL) #1: Mon May 5 00:13:57 NZST 2014 root@server:/usr/obj/sys/arch/i386/compile/MYKERNEL i386 : [cfe_code] # cf-agent -KIf ./p59.cf : [cfe_code] # I plan to test it later on AIX, HPUX and Solaris.

Note from the Author or Editor:
Hi, thank you for your submission. Unfortunately I cannot make sure the examples work in every possible platform. I will add a note about this in the next edition - all the examples are tested under Linux (and some of them on OS X). That being said, the example you mention should be fairly platform-independent, since it doesn't use any system-specific features. I will look into it.

Frank  May 25, 2014 
PDF Page 33
3rd paragraph

Simple typo in "This snippet uses the grep command to determine if the file alredady" instead of This snippet uses the grep command to determine if the file already

Frank  Apr 26, 2014 
PDF Page 16
3rd paragraph

Typo "Since CFEngine 3 Enterprise verson" instead of Since CFEngine 3 Enterprise version

Frank  Apr 20, 2014 
PDF Page 14
1st paragraph

It appears that the HomeBrew URL changed to http://brew.sh/

Frank  Apr 20, 2014 
PDF Page 10
3rd paragraph

"Both include the same basic technology and" Might be worth rephrasing this sentence, and replace the "basic technology" with something better, like proven or robust or trusted technology.

Frank  Apr 19, 2014 
PDF Page viii
Line 8

"IBM’s autononomic computing" looks like a typo, perhaps you meant IBM’s autonomic computing

Frank  Apr 18, 2014 
PDF Page 33
3rd paragraph

alredady should be already

Charles  Mar 01, 2014 
PDF Page 165
First paragraph

@(method_names) should be @(bundle_names)

Charles  Feb 28, 2014