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The errata list is a list of errors and their corrections that were found after the product was released.

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Safari Books Online n/a
Figure 2.2 and 2.3 are evidently transposed

Accessibility handbook, the section on low vision it says Figure 2-2. An example of good contrast that figure however shows blue text on blue background, which is bad contrast. Can be checked with the following: I have not checked figure 2-3 which it says is bad contrast, although it certainly looks to me to high contrast and matches the description of most readable as off-black and off-white given prior to the images in question.

bryan rasmussen  Jan 07, 2014 
PDF Page 2, 8, 9, 28

Use of the term "alt tag" instead of the correct phrase "alt attribute" on the following pages: pg 28 under Manual Testing pg 9 Fig 1-1 caption pg 8 second to last paragraph pg 2 list one, second bullet point in ()

Anonymous  Dec 27, 2012 
PDF Page 3
Picture, first blue box.

In the first blue box the code fragment: <div style="float:left">This is a site about who I am</div> <div style="float:right">Welcome to the site</div> Should be: <div style="float:right">This is a site about who I am</div> <div style="float:left">Welcome to the site</div>

Timea Balint  Oct 03, 2013 
PDF Page 3
United States

On page 3 the float left and float right styles are opposite of what they should be. The "float: left" should be "float: right" and vica versa.

Anonymous  Jul 16, 2014 
Printed Page 14
Second paragraph

First sentence of second paragraph reads: "If your site chooses to use CAPTCHA that has an audio fallback, make sure to text the fallback rigorously." That sentence should end like this, I think: "...make sure to test the fallback rigorously." In other words, "text" is printed instead of "test".

Alex Dunn  Aug 07, 2014 
Safari Books Online 508
Table 7-1. 508 Resources, line 5

In "Accessibility Handbook", Chapter 7, section "General Accessibility Resources", Table 7-1 . 508 Resources, the link goes to a 404 Not Found page, but if the trailing "/" is removed then the link works. I emailed Safari Books Online, they said: ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ I have filed a case with our Content Team to talk to the publisher about getting that fixed. This might be a case where you will need to file an errata with the publisher -- since it is a problem with the book and not a problem with our service -- so, just in case, please file an errata for that problem at . ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Anonymous  Nov 16, 2012