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ePub Page 12
Code block. This comment actually refers to tabbing of ALL code blocks in book

The 8-space per indent level protocol makes reading difficult. I'm reading in iBooks, but I think that the situation would apply in most other cases. (The best reading experience is in landscape scroll mode, as it has the widest text area.) The readability can be greatly improved by replacing runs of 8 spaces with only 2 spaces. I did that with a retest on my own copy, and it makes it much more readable.

Rick Gordon  Mar 16, 2013 
PDF Page 20

Hi, I am working on a small library to manipulate SVG elements. Now, I need to write some constructor function for the libaray, e.g SimpleSVG('#main', 400, 600) Now, I was wondering what exactly the jQuery constructor does, and would have expected a bit of reference to the discussion at this place in the book on constructor functions. Thanks for a short clarification! Patrick

Patrick Mulder
Patrick Mulder
Dec 16, 2014