Parallel and Concurrent Programming in Haskell

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Trying to build parcon-examples-0.3.5 on Windows using cygwin and latest GHC platform (HaskellPlatform-7.10.3-x86_64-setup). Did the following in cygwin bash terminal: cabal install --only_dependencies --reinstall cabal configure cabal build Build fails to link geturls1.exe due to undefined references to: initWinSock newAcceptParams acceptDoProc getWSErrorDescr shutdownWinSock __imp_getnameinfo __imp_getaddrinfo They seem to be required by HTTP-4000.2.23 and network- Any suggestions or hint?

Bulent Basaran  May 18, 2016 
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top line

the top line is: ...Chapters 4,5,6, and pass:[14... what does "pass:[14" mean.

patrick lynch  Jan 02, 2017