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The errata list is a list of errors and their corrections that were found after the product was released.

The following errata were submitted by our customers and have not yet been approved or disproved by the author or editor. They solely represent the opinion of the customer.

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PDF Page cover

Page breaks up badly on download.

Note from the Author or Editor:
Can the editors please review?

Anthony Solomonides  Dec 28, 2015 
ePub none

The cover image is not marked in the content.opf file in the epub document, making e-readers assume there is no cover image.

Note from the Author or Editor:
Thanks for the report, we will pass this on to the O'Reilly editorial team.

Anonymous  May 16, 2016 
ePub Page chapter 2
Chapter 2, example 2-6

In the epub, in example 2-6 (which demonstrates eXist's processing of XInclude content), the listing shows the fully resolved result (with the xi:include content processed and replaced) instead of the result that will be resolved (with the xi:include elements that will be replaced present). This also occurs in the download for the book where the file chapters/getting-started/xinclude-envelope.xml contains the result after processing instead of what should be processed. Both the printed book and the pdf contain the correct content.

Matthew Halverson  May 23, 2016 
Printed, PDF, ePub Page 98

Under the discussion for get requests using the Rest api, it says than when using the _xsl parameter "Applying an XSLT stylesheet in this manner always changes the response's Internet media type to text/html" Is this correct? After trying multiple ways using this option, each time the response media type was xml and my browser (testing with Chrome and Firefox) would not render the result as html.

Anonymous  Jun 12, 2016 
Printed, PDF, ePub Page 98
Comment in middle

The comment about the _xsl parameter in the get request says that using it will cause the media type to be text/html. This seems not to be correct. Using a url like: http://localhost:8080/exist/rest/db/apps/testing/example.xml?_xsl=/db/apps/testing/example.xsl will indeed work like described, but a url like http://localhost:8080/exist/rest/db/apps/testing/example.xml?_query=/items/item[1]&_wrap=no&_xsl=/db/apps/testing/example.xsl will have a return type of xml. It seems that the statement is only true if the _xsl option appears by itself.

Anonymous  Jun 12, 2016 
Printed, PDF, ePub Page 202
Figure 9-2

In the description of the variables available to the controller script, the text says that the $exist:controller variable will be set to "/exist-book/building-applications/show-controller-variables" but the figure shows that it is set to "apps/exist-book/building-applications/show-controller-variables" The value shown in the figure is incorrect, as it should not have the apps prefix.

Matthew Halverson  Jun 12, 2016 
Other Digital Version 1819
Example 3-11 3rd line

declare function x101log:add-log-message( $ message as xs:string) as empty-sequence()? Siegel, Erik; Retter, Adam. eXist: A NoSQL Document Database and Application Platform (Kindle Locations 1833-1838). O'Reilly Media. Kindle Edition. "empty-sequence()" would not work, kept getting error. Sample code for the book shows it as "item()" instead of "empty-sequence()." I changed my exercise code to "item()" and log module worked correctly. Please change book Example 3-11 to match the sample code file log-module.xqm.

David Coe  Jan 19, 2017 
Mobi Page 1822
Sentence immediately before Example 3-11.

Siegel, Erik; Retter, Adam. eXist: A NoSQL Document Database and Application Platform (Kindle Location 1827). O'Reilly Media. Kindle Edition. The sentence immediately before Example 3-11 says, "Create this module and save it as /db/ apps/ exists101/ log-module.xqm." "exists101" is misspelled, should be "exist101" to be consistent with the naming conventions used in the examples throughout the book.

David Coe  Jan 17, 2017