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Printed Page xxix
3rd paragraph in Up to Speed box

Last sentence says Photoshop's preferences can be tweaked "as described on pages xx-xx.)" Page xx in the preface is blank, and I think this reference is to some pages later in the book.

Anonymous  Sep 12, 2015 
Printed, PDF Page 3
Last line of the bottom most box

The options bar can not be docked to the bottom.

Blackhole  Oct 04, 2013 
Printed Page 174-176
United States

I have spent well over an hour stuck on this topic, and have followed the instructions to the letter over and over again. I dont know if there is something missing in the instruction, or if I am just totally stupid. Figure 4-22 as an example says to select the object, and then select transform ----> distort-----> return. It doesnt transform the entire object that's selected, it only transforms a portion of the object. Same problem with perspective and warp. I need to know how to transform the ENTIRE object that I have selected. This instruction is not written very clearly. Please provide clearer instructions as to how to distort, warp, and apply perspective to an entire object, not just a part of it. Thank you

Pamela Anders  Aug 24, 2013