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ePub Page 53

In the file /etc/motion/motion.conf The line control_localhost=on Should be set to "off".

Hajo Dezelski  Dec 02, 2013 
Printed Page 94-106

Missing pages starting from 94 to 106 in the printed Second Edition. Page 106 left blank. There is a number given in the book for Lightning Source UK Ltd which might be helpful to find the books with these missing pages. UKOW05f1001260816 and also 281501UK00001B/2/P

Karl-Axel Englund  Jan 08, 2017 
Printed Page 170
3rd paragraph

For Python3 users, include in the apt-get commands: python3-dev python3-rpi.gpio

Rick Young  Mar 06, 2016 
PDF Page 172
Last paragraph

Hi, At the bottom of page 172, the line states: "If I2C is available, you will see some output like that shown in Figure 8-3. This shows that two I2C addresses are in use—0x40 and 0x70" On the following page, the picture does not support this. The two address in use are not 0x40 and 0x70, they are actually 0x68 and 0x70. The quick solution is to change the text to reflect this or the more complicated is to replace figure 8.3. Thank you

Pierre Rochefort  Dec 29, 2017