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Printed Page 219

I received my copy of the 2015-04-24 release from Amazon on 2016-08-01. Pages 219 - 222, inclusive, are missing. In their place are 30 blank sheets.

David Treadwell  Aug 02, 2016 
Printed Page 223
Note 18 bottom of page

Note 18 says "Melt a small amount of paraffin in a small beaker in a microwave". This won't work. Microwave energy needs polar molecules (the molecules have distinct areas of positive and negative charges) such as water, to be able to 'grab' onto them and cause them to vibrate. Paraffin is non-polar. I have tried this myself. After several minutes of power, the glass jar I used got quite hot, but the paraffin wasn't even softened. I think if you placed the paraffin beaker in another dish full of water you probably could melt the wax, but I haven't tried.

Anonymous  Nov 16, 2016 
PDF, ePub, Mobi Page 10672
throughout the text

The numbers and bullets in the book gets cut off towards the left margin.

Anonymous  Sep 23, 2019 
PDF, ePub, Mobi Page 18749

"lattitudes" should be "latitudes"

Anonymous  Sep 23, 2019