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When clicking on link to WIN 10, chapter 8 missing CD for SKYPE receive a 404 error - the link is broken

Robert Coker  Feb 28, 2016 
PDF Page ch8
on this website the pdf referenced there the link is broken after the cortana one

broken link to the pdf [not sure the name, it's in chapter 8 of this web site]

Anonymous  Mar 21, 2016 
PDF Page 28
page 28 in Windows Live Mail pdf, "The Contacts List"

Windows Live Mail (WLM) cannot see contacts in the People app, but only those in its own "contacts" list. I observed this on my laptop with WLM installed before upgrading to Windows 10. On the chance that the issue resulted from the earlier installation of WLM I installed it on my Surface computer which already had Windows 10 Pro installed. I tried to create mail to a name in the People app list and got a message saying no contacts. WLM syncs both ways with (formerly and People can sync one-way with that site, namely fetching contacts from but not sending contacts to the site. The net result of this is that contacts established in WLM can flow to People but the reverse seems not to be true. For one such as I who prefers to use primarily WLM for handling mail this is not very satisfactory.

Paul Hildebrandt  Jun 25, 2016 
Printed Page 42
2nd paragraph within Figure 1-14

It says "To pin one of these document s....." The word should be "documents".... no space....

Anonymous  May 28, 2016 
Printed Page 92
2nd paragraph

Folder Options: Final Three Options... All described elsewhere in this chapter Expand to Open Folder Pg 72...72 73 Nope No such Expand To heading and not those pages

Hugh Henry  Jun 25, 2016 
Printed Page 100
Last paragraph

reference to Figure 6-29 should be Figure 2-26 (not Figure 6-2 as suggested by Steve Voelkel, Jan 05, 2016).

John Holz  Jun 05, 2016 
Printed Page 120
Bottom of page, or following page

Under the section "The Taskbar Search Box" it lists point # 1 and # 2 but, no point # 3. It jumps to point # 4 on page 122.

Anonymous  Sep 07, 2016 
ePub Page 123
Chapter 3 - Indexing Options: Move the index

There is one condition under which your description of moving the Search Index does not work; if an old Search Index exists in the "new location" Windows will not move the index and does not inform the user why no action is taken. This can happen if you move the index from C:\ProgramData\Microsoft to E:\ProgramData\Microsoft (on a different hard drive), perform a clean install of Windows, then attempt to move the index from C:\ProdramData\Microsoft to E:\ProgramData\Microsoft again. When Windows successfully moves the Search Index it does a 'cut and paste' of the folders and files within the x:\ProdramData\Microsoft folder to the new location. But if Windows finds search data at the new location it refuses to do the move. To work around this restriction the user needs to delete the folders and files under the 'new location'. I realize that this is a topic for the Power Users' Clinic. I am only writing up this restriction because I cannot find it documented on the Internet. It takes a good deal of time and effort to figure out why the move is not working. Please ignore the above page number. I have an e-book which has locations #s instead of page #s.

James W. Deignan   May 09, 2016 
Printed Page 153
Last paragraph

Reference to "" is erroneous or outdated -- site doesn't exist (but owner of that domain name would be glad to sell it to you! :-)

John Holz  Jul 18, 2016 
Printed Page 176
MIddle of page

This page discusses the Personalization settings for COLORS and THEMES, but skips over the section for LOCK SCREEN. That section appears to be missing altogether.

Anonymous  Jan 24, 2017 
ePub Page 222 AppA Updating to win10

Dead URL/link

Hugh Henry  Jun 21, 2016 
Printed Page 249
see "Run or Save?" in the middle of the page

See the bold print in the middle of page 249, entitled "Run or Save?" This section was supposed to explain how to choose between "Run" and "Save" when downloading a program from the Internet. Somehow, it appears that completely inappropriate information was pasted into this section. It is entirely wrong. For the correct discussion, please see Pogue's book on Windows 7. The correct (and extremely helpful) discussion is on page 253 of that book, in the second paragraph.

Gregg P. Frasco  Aug 26, 2016 
PDF Page 280
Bottom of each page, 280-284

This erratum is for the PDF bonus appendix, "Burning CDs and DVDs from the desktop" downloaded from the website to supplement "Windows 10: The Missing Manual." The bottom of the even-numbered pages reads "Windows 8.1: The Missing Manual." Does this bonus appendix apply to Windows 10? No mention of the Windows version appears in the supplement.

Harold Cornelius  Feb 23, 2016 
Printed Page 345
In "Sharing selected photos", the explanation of what "Delete" does is wrong--it's a duplication of what "Copy" does.

See above

Walt Roseberry  Feb 10, 2016 
Printed, PDF Page 346
Last paragraph on Skype topic

The "Missing CD" page for "Win10 the missing manual topic" on your web site has a broken link for Skype 404 Not found for There is also a broken link for the Run Command

Kerry E Kilbride  Apr 08, 2016 
Printed Page 387
Shortcut-O-Rama, 1st bullet

The text refers to the "New Tab Stub" and refers to Fig. 10-3. Unlike Explorer, Edge uses a "+" rather than a "stub" for opening a new tab. Figure 10-3 shows the "+" but does not identify it

Anonymous  Apr 01, 2016 
Printed Page 424
Smartscreen Web settings

Scroll down to "View Advanced settings". As printed reads as " Scroll down and turn off "Help protect me from malicious site and downloads with Smart Screen Filter." Surely this should be turn on ?. Or am I being dense?

Carl  May 30, 2016 
Printed Page 517
517, 518 ff

There is almost no correlation between the book and the actual way You have to set up both file back-up and total HD back-up. On my copy of windows 10.You have to go to "Backup and Restore (Windows 7) " that is he real title, including the windows 7 part- to do this. The procedure is much closer to the Win8procedure, except[t the total hard disk selection is at the top left instead of an obscure bottom left place to select a full HD backup

Anonymous  Dec 27, 2015 
PDF Page 582
pdf for user account controls referenced here

If you put this string into the dialogue box you do open a 'fake' version of what you put into the pdf but there is a giant this snapin is not used in this edition of windows 10 ; use user accounts from control panel ; aside- If I could do this, I wouldn't be trying this method. I can't addd anyone by control panel for some reason

Anonymous  Mar 21, 2016 
PDF Page 624
"The Free Upgrade", 3rd bullet point

I know that it's almost pointless to submit this erratum at this late date, but here it is. The book (the PDF version, at least), states, "Microsoft says that the free-upgrade offer is good at least until the beginning of August 2016." The correct expiration date of the free-upgrade offer is TODAY, July 29, 2016 (unless unbeknownst to me, Microsoft extended it, within the past 24 hours or so). I sure hope that no readers relied on this statement!

Greg Anninos  Jul 29, 2016 
Printed Page 637
16th paragraph

Page 637 mentions that there is no Windows Movie Maker available for Windows 10. Well, I have Windows 10 and I have Windows Live Movie Maker, which can edit videos and publish to them to computer, mobile device,email and other places (but not to disc).

Dexter Wong  Sep 28, 2016 
Printed Page 641
"General Hardware Shortcuts"

A short cut is available to lock the screen in the current orientation. Is there short cut keys to switch the screen to landscape or portrait? Or do we have to go through the display settings?

George Friedman  May 06, 2016 
Printed Page 675
1st paragraph

Errata to the 'Errata for Windows 10" The errors, in this long listing, are well described by the individual 'volunteers', but the corrections made, or to be made to each one of them by the users, are not there. The listing limits itself to state, in almost every case,: 'corrected in 3rd printing, 2/8/16'. Do we have to imply that we have to buy a 3rd edition of the Manual to know what are the corrections that were made, (or are supposed to be made)? The Errata Page used to be a loose page(s) containing a list of three columns: 'Location of error', 'Where it says:', 'It should say:'. Your Errata List is missing the third column. By the way the Errata Page was issued by the printers to correct their errors made when doing the typesetting against the clock, and too late to redo pages already printed. In our case I feel we have purchased a Beta edition of a Manual, and then the Author and the Editors open up an Errata Listing and sit to wait for the 'volunteers' or upset buyers to send their best informed errata corrections. The least, like in any recalled product, is to provide a 'corrected part'. Also somehow the words 'excuse me' or 'excuse us' should be included in the Errata page. (The last printed page of the Manual should say: There is no CD with this book, but there is an Errata List; so you just saved $X.00 No reply necessary.

RenĂ© L. Laude  Sep 04, 2016