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Other Digital Version Kindle loc233
Paragraph on "Elements' Help Files"

On Kindle download Feb 2015 version, reference to Adobe support at "". This currently redirects to "" , which has a list of options. Click on "Photoshop Elements 13 Manual (PDF)" to get a 19MB download.
Clicking on the non-PDF option gives you a slew of web-based help files.

If, instead, you just put "Photoshop Elements 13 Manual" into your browser (I use Chrome) it takes you direct to the download file. I missed the (PDF) option on a first attempt and resorted to the web search to find the material (which is much better than the web-based piecemeal approach).
Similarly "Photoshop Premiere 13 Manual" for the video editor package manual.
The (PDF) manuals are not listed (I think) in Adobe's list of available downloads.

Bryan Stark  Feb 25, 2015 
Printed Page 192
Figure 6 - 5

In the description beneath FIGURE 6 - 5, "Create a new layer" icon would be better if it read: "Add a new layer" icon so that it tallies with the description (printed in red) on the diagram.

Ray Corfield  Oct 19, 2015