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PDF Page 18
Just below the code example

The wsgi directory was removed from the standard OpenShift Python application. The file wsgi/application is now called and is in the root of the project directory. This change to the OpenShift Python application directory structure also impacts pageges following page 18.

Martin Borgman  Apr 30, 2014 
PDF Page 23
Just above the first example code

Because the wsgi directory is no longer part of the default python cartridge you should probably put in the insultapp directory.

Martin Borgman  May 04, 2014 
PDF Page 35

Adding Third Party Cartridges results in the following error: $ rhc cartridge add The cartridge '' will be downloaded and installed Adding to application 'insultapp' ... gzip: stdin: not in gzip format tar: Child returned status 1 tar: Error is not recoverable: exiting now $ This may be caused by resent changes to the platform.

Martin Borgman  May 04, 2014 
ePub Page 48
Metrics and Monitoring, 2nd and 3rd paragraph

metrics-0.1 is no longer listed as a supported cartridge. It can't be installed. Installation of the Monin cartridge currently fails, see

Markus Kemmerling  Jan 10, 2015