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Printed, PDF, ePub, Mobi, Page 47
figure 3-2

From a customer:

I am a reader and I am enjoying the BioBuilder offering.

Happily cruising along and come to page 47 Figure 3-2, which is providing examples of standards in science. On the far right of Figure 3-2 in a dark blue circle is a misleading visual regarding the differences between AC and DC current. Which is strange considering the accuracy of other electronics and electricity related information thus far in the book. What the image shows is an alternating current sinusoid overlaid with rectified alternating current. Now the rectified portion is close and on the way to being DC direct current but I believe most people in the science world recognize DC current as a 'flatline'.

Anyway, maybe the aesthetics department liked the compact nature of the image, but in future printings I think the usual sort of representation of AC vs. DC would be more accurate for readers.

Anonymous  Jul 08, 2020