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Printed, PDF, Other Digital Version Page xxxv (and other pages)
End of page

All download links for the example code don't work any more
(all formats and O'Reilly Website)

Anonymous  May 11, 2022 
Printed Page xxxv & 216

http : / / & http : / / are not accessible. Trying to get access to html/css templates for webapp project.

Ryan Weckesser  May 17, 2022 
Printed Page 190

The "versionitis" exposed in the pytest pages can possibly be avoided by using an online PEP8 test, such as (the usual URL format):(2 frontstroke symbols) frontstroke symbol)checkresult.

My checked as "All right" after adding an additional blank line and spaces following the colons.

Love this book!!

Richard Burr  Jun 07, 2022 
PDF Page 270
2nd paragraph

...Beispiel befindet sich eine Zeil mit protokollier....
--> befindet sich eine Zeile mit...

Alex  Sep 17, 2021 
Printed Page 360
def log_request


should be replaced with


Jason Sandidge  Aug 17, 2022