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PDF Page ix
3rd paragraph

Cover says version 1.4, preface says version 1.3

Jaime Iniesta  Mar 08, 2017 
Printed Page x1
6th paragraph

There are a couple of places where you refer to other books on Elixir giving the publisher's name as "Pragmatic Publishers". The name of the company is "Pragmatic Programmers".

Andy Lester  Apr 24, 2017 
Printed Page 1


A month ago, I start reading about Elixir and want to learn more about this (new) language. That's the reason for buying this book and making programs. Looking through it, I miss a few things. Ok, probably other persons miss other parts.

- How to pass arguments to a program?

./program -a -b --name="Maria" ...

- How to distribute my program?

Finally, my program is finished but how to distribute it to my colleague?

I read something about escript utility in mix?

I hope these things will be covered in your book, thx.


Anonymous  Nov 25, 2016 
Printed Page 2
5th paragraph

The link of redirects to 404 (page not found)

Maksym Kosenko  Mar 23, 2021 
Printed Page 2
6th paragraph

The link of leads to 404 (page not found)

Maksym Kosenko  Mar 23, 2021 
PDF Page 89
3rd paragraph

Between a key and a value must be a space (after the atom :map).

"You can update multiple key-value pairs if you want, with syntax like %{planemo_map | earth:
12, mars:3}"

iex console infrormation:
iex(84)> %{planemo_map | earth: 12, mars:3}
** (SyntaxError) iex:84: keyword argument must be followed by space after: mars:

Kosorukov Anatolii  May 31, 2019 
Printed, PDF, ePub, Mobi, Safari Books Online, Other Digital Version Page 92

Enum.partition is deprecated. Use Enum.split_with

Gerrit   May 03, 2017 
PDF Page 104
Table 8-1. Recursive division of a list forward with List.foldl/3

In the third column "Result of division" values are integers. It is not correct. They must be floats (the same as in the Table 8-2. Recursive division of a list
backward with List.foldr/3

Kosorukov Anatolii  May 31, 2019