Embedding Perl in HTML with Mason

Errata for Embedding Perl in HTML with Mason

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Printed Page 46
Example 3-5. /autohandler

There are two technical errors with this code.

1) <%init> is closed with </%init>, the "/" is missing from the second block.

2) As written the server throws an error (mason ver. 1.19). Variables declared in the
<%init> blocks are availible to every subsequent block *except* <%filter> blocks. In
fact <%filter> blocks only inherit global variables.

Here is the error.
Error during compilation of
Global symbol "$path" requires explicit package name at
/Library/WebServer/Documents/mason/weplayfaire/autohandler line 89.

and the code
81 <%init>
82 (my $path = $r->uri) =~ s,/[^/]+$,,;
83 </%init>
85 <%filter>
86 ...
87 ...
88 ...
89 s{(<img[^>]+src=")(?!w+:)} {$1$path/}ig;
90 </%filter>