Mac OS X: The Missing Manual, Jaguar Edition

Errata for Mac OS X: The Missing Manual, Jaguar Edition

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Printed Page 30
Figure 1-9

"(list views not included)" should read "(column views not included)". Command- Option-drag works to scroll in icon and list views, but not column views.

Printed Page 52
Figure 1-23

"Click the little question-mark button to return to the master Help Center." What little question-mark button? I don't see one in figure 1-23 or anywhere on the help pages.

Printed Page 59
Mac file names can be up to 255 characters, not 256

Printed Page 558
Troubleshooting Moment (bottom of page)

Regarding the rebuilding of mailboxes, states "(Highlight several, if you like)" However, when I highlight several, the "Rebuild Mailbox" option is grayed out, so highlighting several really isn't a good option here. Related to this, I'd like to understand better how this works -- for example, I use several mailboxes and sub-mailboxes -- does rebuilding the "parent" mailbox also rebuild the "child" mailbox?