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Printed Page 545
2nd paragraph

The additional options for the -K or --checksig signature checking options are listed as: --nogpg --nomd5 --nopgp These options are available for the -V option but not the -K option. From the man page: DIGITAL SIGNATURE AND DIGEST VERIFICATION The general forms of rpm digital signature commands are rpm --import PUBKEY ... rpm {--checksig} [--nosignature] [--nodigest] PACKAGE_FILE ...

Printed Page 575
3rd paragraph

From the book: "In addition, every time it starts (as a subshell or a login shell), bash looks for a file name ~/.bashrc." This is incorrect. bash only executes ~/.bashrc if the shell is _not_ a login shell. From the reference manual: "When an interactive shell that is not a login shell is started, Bash reads and executes commands from `~/.bashrc', if that file exists."

Printed Page 791
Table 15-16 row "tag"

The "tag" row of the table describes the common client options applicable to the cvs tag command incorrectly. See p. 806, which seems correctly to show the possible options. The row in error should have a check at columns -D, -f, and -r, in addition to the checks it already correctly has at columns -l and -R. (Note that the "rtag" row of the table appears to be correct.)