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Printed Page p.171
Table 6-8. File permissions and inherit options

Same issue as reported for pp.168-169:

Parameter "create directory mask" is invalid.

Parameter should read "directory mask"

Error in both print and PDF formats.

pkb  Mar 25, 2010 
Printed Page 168-169
[staff-docs] share definition

In the [staff-docs] share definition on pages 168 & 169, the line "create directory mask = 0070", is incorrect as is and is ignored when running testparm:

The correct syntax is simply: "directory mask = 0070"

This error exists in both printed and PDF versions.

pkb  Mar 25, 2010 
Printed Page 171
In the hint (footprints) the command is wrong. It is not 'map acl full control' but 'acl map full control'.

Printed Page 249
bear tracks

Paragraph reads
Roaming profiles can be disabled by setting the logon path to an
empty string.
logon path = ""

I'm not sure if this changed at some point, but with Samba 3.0.23, to disable roaming profiles you must not use the double quotes, e.g.:
logon path =

Including the double quotes will fail to disable roaming profiles.

See <> (search for "logon path"), and also the discussion around <>.