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The errata list is a list of errors and their corrections that were found after the product was released.

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Printed Page 13

I'm using Mac OS 10.5 (Leopard). There is no Sherlock in this menu.

Doctor George Waxter  Jun 20, 2009 
Printed Page 59
Table 4.1

The \t example: There is an additional backslash which is an error. Instead of "Cost\t\N..." it should be "Cost\tN..."

Doctor George Waxter  Jul 17, 2009 
Printed Page 59
Scripting TexEdit

Let's not promulgate a myth that the editing capabilities supplied with a Mac are remotely close to acceptable, lest Apple ceases to improve them. Just for starters there is no Backspace, Home, nor End and no way to customize the editor for programmer's purposes. Screen editors I used in the 1980s with PCs are more powerful and flexible than anything that ships with a Mac.

Doctor George Waxter  Jul 17, 2009 
Printed Page 60
with icon

The note icon does not produce "a cartoony face ... ". The ScriptEditor icon itself is produced.

Doctor George Waxter  Jul 25, 2009 
Printed Page 78

Current errata states that "Macintosh HD:" must precede "Users" in example for Mac OS 10.4 only. This correction must also be made for OS 10.5.

Anonymous  Nov 15, 2008 
Printed Page 79
Inset on Applescript Shortcuts

Comment to second script states, "(* This script creates a bunch of new folder in your home folder; well, 15 of them at least. *)" The word "least" should be replaced by "most".

Anonymous  Nov 15, 2008 
Printed Page 90
The AppleScript code under the header "Moving the files and folders".

The code compiles, but it will not run. Script Editor displays the following error alert: "Finder got an error: The operation could not be completed." The the code fragment gets highlighted: move every folder of the desktop to the folder "Old Desktop" of home To verify whether the code is legitimate, the code example from the "Missing Manual" was downloaded, compiled and run. Unfortunately, the same error alert and highlighted code fragment was displayed.

Printed Page 90
Under the heading "Moving the files and folders"

I'm running Applescript on iMac OS X 10.5.6 with Intel processor. The error I encountered is exactly the same as a current posting under "Unconfirmed Errata" p. 90. For me too the sample script listed at Location compiled but would not run, returning the error message "Finder got an error: the operation could not be completed." I got the same text highlighting as did the previous submitter.

Anonymous  May 17, 2009 
Printed Page 142
Adapting your script

Dragging an image file on the script's icon returns the following error message: "The variable openedFile is not defined."

Printed Page 143-144
Script for "Converting Images from One Format to Another"

Compiling script as given in book gives error message "expected ?, ? but found end of line"

Printed Page 182
3rd paragraph-- "2: Type the path to the file into Safari's Address bar."

Maybe Safari's behavior has changed since this excellent missing manual was published, but this tip suggests that scripts can be run from the bookmark bar by typing in its path. It seems that under Tiger, with Safari v3 that will merely select the file in the finder and not run it.