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The errata list is a list of errors and their corrections that were found after the product was released.

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PDF Page 478
Dumb Questions

"whenever you have two vertical margins touching, they will collapse, even if one element is nested inside the other" However margins are collapsing when they are touching horizontally, not vertically. Rule is the same as for block elements when one sits on top of another. Isn't it?

Anonymous  Jun 13, 2016 
PDF Page 564

The title "Getting those borders to collaspe" has a typo, collaspe should change to collapse!

su fei  Nov 28, 2014 
PDF Page 334

for the first group of elements which are colored, shouldn't the "em" be colored as well?

Anonymous  Jul 28, 2012 
Printed, PDF Page 552
table.html code in book and sample file

Left double quotation and right double quotation marks in <!DOCTYPE>, <html>, <meta> and <style> elements of table.html should be replaced with common quotation marks, otherwise none of the CSS stylings will work on any browser I know.

Ali Rahmjoo  Jul 23, 2012 
Other Digital Version 161
4th bulet on the right side.

First sentence states: You can use relative URLs in you <a> element's href attribute to link to other Web pages. It should state: You can use absolute URLs in you <a> element's href attribute to link to other Web pages.

Anonymous  Jul 18, 2012 
PDF Page 133

"Get a directory of what is there" should probably read "Get a list...."

Anonymous  Apr 20, 2012 
PDF Page 115

"You can use either the number, like &#100 or the name of an entity in " should probably read "You can use either the number, like &#100; or the name of an entity in" (with semiclon)

Anonymous  Apr 19, 2012 
PDF Page 317
First paragraph, 3rd sentence.

All you’re going to do is add the <p> element to a class called greentea . Should be: All you’re going to do is add the class called greentea to the <p> element. Similarly, for the text in script format; To add an element to a class... Should be: To add an attribute to an element...

Anonymous  Mar 07, 2012 
PDF Page 300
Top right (in script font)

Poor English usage: ...so we're not showing the <head> element and everything under it. Per idiomatic usage, should be: ...so we're not showing the <head> element OR ANYTHING under it.

Anonymous  Mar 07, 2012 
Printed Page 272
Sixth item in "The XHTML 1.0 checklist"

As per the W3C specification, attribute values must simply be quoted. There is no distinction between double and single quotes, so single quotes should be allowed.

Michael Fairchild  Jan 31, 2012 
Printed Page 182
2nd column. Under the first "A:" section.

Head First HTML with CSS & XHTML (2006) Page 182. 2nd column. Under the first "A:" section. 72 pixels x 3 inches = 216 The book says 72 and thinks 82, ending up with 246.

Printed Page 215
Crossword puzzle: line 10 across

it's not the web server that retrieves the images; 10 across should read: "most web BROWSERS retrieve images this way"

Printed Page 235
The whole thing, sort of...

The text at the top of the page says, "We're going to use option (3)..." and goes on to explain how that will be done, inviting us to "keep following along." However, the screen image and the text at the bottom of the page are all about using option (or as it's now called, "method") (2) for validating the HTML.

Printed Page 238
Entire page

The Lounge.html was validated without the meta tag for content type. Maybe this is a problem with the validator, but it is confusing to me as your text is not matching the real world.

Printed Page 257
On the diagram

- It's got an extra box -- remove "Activity E". There should be one arrow going from the "Activity D" box to the "Finish" box. - The upper right annotation should point to that arrow. Its first sentence should be changed to: "The other path has a duration of 2 + 7 = 9." - The lower right annotation should point to the "Activity D" box. It should start with "That means the early start and early finish for D is really early --" Am I missing something here, because after applying the above points to the diagram on page 257, the annotations do not make sense to me. For example, if we remove Activity E, then the path will be: Start -> Activity D -> Finish = 2 It says that Activity D should point directly to finish, so then how can we get 2 + 7 = 9 as the errata annotation above indicates?

Printed Page 323, 339
In the exercise first line of the instructions

It says to open "lounge.html" and change the greentea paragraph, when I'm almost positive it should be the elixir.html file. [taken from the Forum: http://www.headfirstlabs.com/phpBB2/viewtopic.php?t=1426 ]

Printed Page 330
description of margin

On this page, for the description of the property "margin," it is written that margin is "the space between the edge of an element and it's content." This is incorrect, "margin" is the whitespace around the outside of an element, while "padding" is the space between the edge of an element and its content.

Printed Page 369
Secon-to-last paragraph ("Okay, here...")

"computer scientists decided they could represent all 255 values..." should read, "computer scientists decided they could represent all 256 values..." since there are 256 values in the range of numbers 0 through 255.

Printed Page 430, etc.

Pages 430, 439, 448, 450, 455. 457, 488, 497, & 545 all show the martini glass background graphic centered within the Weekly Elixir Specials column. In practice, the image actually begins at the upper-left and tiles from there. Strangely, it is shown correctly on page 456.

Printed Page 447
last paragraph

Wrong lines : background-image : url(images/cocktail.gif); background-repeat: repeat-x; Should be replaced with : background: url(images/cocktail.gif) repeat-x top; so that the result is the same with this one at page 448

Printed Page 570
"Who Does What?" exercise

The exercise consists of the XHTML for two rows of a table, plus an image of the corresponding table, with all the data filled in. The purpose of the exercise is ostensibly to cement the reader's understanding of how the "rowspan" attribute functions. The instructions direct you to "draw an arrow from each <td> element to its corresponding cell in the table" All this requires the reader to do is look at the content of each <td> element, i.e., "August 9th", and match it with the box that also says "August 9th". Not only is this an exercise so simple that your average 2nd grader should be able to complete it with no difficulty, it also does nothing to help with the understanding of the "rowspan" attribute , since the exercise can easily be solved without paying any attention to the usage of "rowspan", or any of the other XHTML. A better exercise would have the same section of code, but a blank table, with instructions to enter the data into correct location in the table.

Printed Page 580-582

In chapter 13, on pages on pages 580 and 582 there is reference to a property that affects how text in lists wraps. On p.580, There Are No Dumb Questions no.2, calls it "list-style-position". Question no.3 calls it "line-style-position" and on p.582, the XHTMLcross clue Down 8 asks about "list-item-position". In context, these all seem to be talking about the same property, so what is it? I'm pretty sure that it is "list-style-position", but I'm not positive. At the start of Chapter 13 the book starts off with tables saying, "We've started the table and already entered the headings and the first two rows of the table into an XHTML file called "table.html" in the "chapter13/journal/" folder. However, the only html files in "chapter13/journal/" is "journal.html." Did anyone find "table.html?" I now realize I have to create the table. Back to top I just finished the same chapter, and noticed the same thing. I think it is an error in the book. p.552 clearly states that they have already put this XHTML in a file for you, but then the Exercise on p. 553 tells you to type it in yourself.

Printed Page 605
Highlighted text that I am supposed to type in.

The line: form action="http://www.starbuzzcoffee.com/processorder.php" method="POST"> does not pass strict validation. The capitalized "POST" must be changed to "post"

Printed Page 615

The "ship to:" paragraph inside the form.; There is no </p> closing tag at the end of the "ship to:" paragraph.

Printed Page 619
"Choose your Mini Cooper" page window.

The "Submit" button should read "Order Now" because it has a value assigned in the HTML code.

Printed Page 633

Multiple selection code and display examples; The code shows one value but it displays another for 3 of the listed items, i.e., the code lists: Penny (value="Penny Priddy", should be value="Penny") Jersey (value="New Jersey", should be value="Jersey") John (value="John Parker", should be value="John") and it displays five 2-named items in the multiple selection option list: Buckaroo Banzai Perfect Tommy Penny Priddy New Jersey John Parker