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PDF Page 9
3rd paragraph (after the Note)

The 2nd phrase of the 1st sentence should read: "about 1/30 of an inch down" instead of: "about 1/3 of an inch down"

Anonymous  Oct 27, 2009 
Printed Page 80-86
the entire section

In the grab bag of exercises section you include 3 upper body pushing exercises: overhead press, bench press and pushups with NO upper body pulling exercises. Given the shoulders-forward, upper back-rounded posture of most who sit at desks too long, this is a serious error and one I would be happy to help you correct. Your lower body exercises include 2 knee-dominant, spine-vertical exercises: the squat and the lunge. Most people do both poorly and they would be better served by doing split squats. There should also be a hip-dominant, spine horizontal exercise. Finally, with all of Stuart McGill's spine research, most fitness practitioners are moving away from abdominal crunches to exercises like planks which promote functional core stability. I would be more than interested in working with your editing team on an exercise section involving the 5 fundamental movement patterns for strength training. I wrote a column for the Boston Globe on home exercise and am a practicing physical education teacher and strength and conditioning coach. Thank you for your attention.

Bruce Cohn  Nov 09, 2009 
Printed Page 109
End of page

On the book "your body" i think you made a mistake at the end of page 109. the "common problems" should be caused by the irregular shape of the lens and not the cornea. the image on the next page illustrate my point. Reported via

Kathy Ceceri
Kathy Ceceri
May 14, 2012 
PDF Page 136
2nd paragraph

The paragraph detailing hemoglobin function contains the statement "each red blood cell holds two or three hundred hemoglobin molecules, and each of these can latch onto four oxygen molecules as it runs through your lungs." This is incorrect, as the amount of hemoglobin found in red blood cells is astronomically higher: 200-300 million molecules, or 6 orders of magnitude greater than what was written [1]. I cite this as just an example of the many other figures cited in the book that seem to have been poorly researched or simply made up (a good example is the section on the digestive system). [1] Widmaier, Eric P., Hershel Raff, Kevin T. Strang, and Arthur J. Vander. Vander's Human Physiology: the Mechanisms of Body Function. Boston ; Montreal: McGraw-Hill Higher Education, 2008. Print.

Anonymous  Jan 30, 2011