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Printed Page 13
1st paragraph

The book says to sign up for a ADC membership at When I link to the address, I get "" And then it goes on to show an image on page 12 that does not match the site. There are no links to iPhone whatsoever.

Anonymous  Dec 18, 2010 
Safari Books Online 30
Figure 1.1

I have a copy of the book
iPhone App Development: The missing manual.
I went to install the iPhone SKD and other tools as desribed in Chapter 1.
Using the Snow Leopard disk as described.
I get a totally different list of optional programs.
No phone SKD.

Perhaps the Snow Leopard disk has changed?


Thank you.

Peter M Ravdin
210 215 9779

Peter Ravdin  Jul 04, 2011 
Safari Books Online 31
Middle of the page (in the "Tip:" callout box).

URL to the Wikipedia page has a typo. Here's the original:­programming.

Here's the correct URL:

The hyphen between "Object" and "oriented," in the original, should be an underscore.

jamesnotjim  Nov 11, 2010 
Printed Page 82
Last paragraph

It says to "download" for the CD web page. No such zip file exists. I gather it was suppose to be either HitMaker_start or HitMaker_complete (haven't worked out which on yet)

Anonymous  Dec 29, 2010 
Printed Page 82
Last Paragraph

I'm working with XCode Version 4.2 (4C199). The projects you have uploaded in your examples do not work with this version. Xcode complains with the following

The run destination My Mac 64-bit is not valid for Running the scheme 'Flashlight'.

The scheme 'Flashlight' contains no buildables that can be built for the SDKs supported by the run destination My Mac 64-bit. Make sure your targets all specify SDKs that are supported by this version of Xcode.

I'm new to developing on the iPhone and don't quite know how to resolve.



Ryan Koftan  Dec 26, 2011 
Printed Page 91
"Switch back over to Xcode so you can build the application..."

After working through the sequence of the tutorial pp 86 - 93 in IB, I return to Xcode to build the app.

Unfortunately, I receive a "Build failed(1 error)" message in the lower left status bar of Xcode. When I click on the red ! in the bottom right corner of the status bar of Xcode, I receive a message: "!error: There is no SDK with the name or path 'iphonesimulator4.0'.

I am also told to check dependencies.

I'm using Xcode 3.2.2 on Mac OS 10.6.3

I have tried to locate 'iphonesimulator4.0' in the files in the project, to no avail.

Hasn't anyone else encountered this problem?
How do I solve it?

Anonymous  Aug 02, 2010 
PDF Page 153
Last paragraph

"If you build your app using the 3.1 SDK, your testers can install it on a device with iPhone OS 3.0 installed"

Shouldn't that read "... your testers can't install it ..."

This is on page 171 of the pdf, but the page itself shows page number 153 in the bottom right corner. It's in Chapter 5, the very last paragraph of the "when it fails" section.

Clint Shryock  Jul 28, 2010 
Printed Page 220
2nd Last Paragraph

On page 220 it reads,

"As mentioned on page 127, it's convenient to put your beta release in a separate target."

Huh? Page 127 doesn't say anything about a separate target for beta. I can't find where it's suggested to put a beta release in a separate target, though the project code does have it.

Furthermore, the callout tip on page 220 says,

"Tip: Don't be afraid to be lazy and to use the dist.plist file that's in the Flashlight Pro application."

The whole point of page 220 is confusing to me because when I follow the steps to create the "dist.plist" file in Xcode, it doesn't contain a "get-task-allow" checkbox, but it does contain 3 other things. Do I leave these, and create the checkbox, or what?

Anonymous  Jul 27, 2010