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The errata list is a list of errors and their corrections that were found after the product was released.

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Printed Page 19
top of the page:

The author includes instructions for downloading specific fonts into web pages using CSS. However, to apply the style, he uses a deprecated HTML tag: <FONT FACE="faceName"></font> rather than the CSS syntax of: <SPAN STYLE="font-family: faceName"></span>

Printed Page 37
Table 3-1, border-right property

The superscript "a" is in Constant Width, should be in Roman.

Printed Page 38
Table 3-1, list-style-image property

The superscript "a" is in Constant Width, should be in Roman.

Printed Page 153
Example 6-4

This code does not work in Netscape 4.08. I downloaded the source just to be sure, and it didn't work.

Printed Page 290
last paragraph

I'm not sure if this is an error or not. The first sentence in the last paragraph reads "Content between the start and end tags is ignored by browsers that support the IFRAME element." Is this correct? Shouldn't it read "Content between the start and end tags is ignored by browsers that DO NOT support the IFRAME element"? If the statement is correct as is, what does it mean? How can content be ignored if the IFRAME element is supported by the browser?

Printed Page 301
After first occurance of "Object Model Reference"

"IE" should read "NN" I presume this since the <ILAYER> tag is not implemented in IE therefore the ID would not have a OMR in IE.

Printed Page 323
In the description of the value attribute for the input tag it says that

value is an acceptable attribute for all input types. This is not true. For security purposes, value can not be set on input type "file".

Printed Page 431

The "Value" property is ommitted for this object!!!

Printed Page 561
write(), writeln() explanation under Parameters section

I see that in the errata for the 6/00 printing, this question was addressed, but it still doesn't seem to work as it should. When I have a page in NN (so far tested with 4.5 and 4.75), which generates an entirely new page using javascript, I construct a string containing the HTML for the new page and write it using a document.write(), but no matter what I try, it always leaves out the <script> tags in the new page. In this case, the script tags refer to an external javascript source file. I have verified that all the HTML is correct by inserting an alert() immediately before the document.write(). I will be happy to send the source code for you to test. Incidentally, the same code in IE 5.5 works flawlessly. I tried the solution posted on the 6/00 errata page, which states that script tags can be generated using "<" + "SCRIPT>", but it still doesn't work. Maybe this only works when generating a new page at load time?

Printed Page 621
4th para

In the DOm, the description of the IMG object is missing sections on the sourceIndex, src, start, style, tagName and title porperties (all of which are listed in the properties list on page 615).

Printed Page 678
example for value

In my printing (1/99), it stands: Example ......... options[2]value should be: Example ......... options[2].value Note the period!

Printed Page 712
Select Properties

The "size" property is missing both from the list of properties for the <Select> object, and from the detailed descriptions in the pages immediately following. It can however be found in the HTML Reference section, page 396.

Printed Page 736
3rd listing on page - height, width

This reference to setting the height or getting the value of the height or width doesn not appear to work in IE browsers on the Mac OS. Is this a correct listing of the DOM for IE on the Mac OS?

Printed Page 828
second paragraph

In the code example of window.open(), a non-existent "statusbar" is used where it should be "status".

Printed Page 841
section on <HR>

ALIGN description claims: The ALIGN attribute is deprecated in HTML 4.0 in favor of the align: style sheet attribute But according to the "CSS Reference" section of this book there isn't an "align:" style sheet property. There is a "text-align:" property; I'm only guessing that this is what is meant.

Printed Page 904
Top of page, I suggest a "Notes" section after the "Object Model

Reference" section; This is not an error, but a Note would be helpful. In Netscape 4.76, if you set an object's visibility to "hidden" or "visible", the string Netscape returns to you if you later query the value is: o For <form> fields, "visible" or "hidden" o But for <span> text, "show" or "hide" <sigh!/> Following test case demonstrates this. Just load it and watch alerts: <STYLE TYPE="text/css"> #spanText {position:relative; color:orange;} </STYLE> <SCRIPT LANGUAGE=JAVASCRIPT> var isNav, isIE var coll = "" var styleObj = "" if (parseInt(navigator.appVersion) >= 4) { if (navigator.appName == "Netscape") { isNav = true } else { isIE = true coll = "all." styleObj = ".style" } } function init() { inputField = "document." + coll + "myForm.inputText" + styleObj; spanText = "document." + coll + "spanText" + styleObj; obj1 = eval(inputField); obj2 = eval(spanText); obj1.visibility="visible"; obj2.visibility="visible"; alert("obj1.visibility = " + obj1.visibility); alert("obj2.visibility = " + obj2.visibility); obj1.visibility="hidden"; obj2.visibility="hidden"; alert("obj1.visibility = " + obj1.visibility); alert("obj2.visibility = " + obj2.visibility); } </SCRIPT> </head> <body onLoad="init()"> <FORM Name="myForm"> <input type=text name="inputText"> </FORM> <span ID=spanText> TEXT </span> </body> </html>

Printed Page 930
arguments example

function is missing { at end of first line

Printed Page 931
caller example

function is missing { at end of first line

Printed Page 939
MIN_VALUE description

Due to possible reader confusion, I suggest changing "possible number" to "positive number" (i.e., closest to zero).

Printed Page 939

The description for NEGATIVE_INFINITY is incorrect (0 is outside the bounds described). Change "Number.MIN_VALUE" to "-Number.MAX_VALUE."

Printed Page 963

var a,b a = 5 b = a -- should be: var a,b a = 5 b = a ++ if the explanation is to hold true.

Printed Page 973
isFinite() description

The description is incorrect (0 is outside the bounds described and is certainly finite, as are all the representable negative numbers). As a minimum, change "Number.MIN_VALUE" to "-Number.MAX_VALUE". Preferably insert the following after "parameter is": "not NEGATIVE_INFINITY, POSITIVE_INFINITY or NaN, that is".