Media praise for Designing Interfaces

"...after reading the book, I gained a much deeper appreciation for the amount of hard work that talented user interface designers infuse into their craft."
-- Mike Riley,

"Overall, Designing Interfaces is an excellent resource for anyone designing interfaces that allow people to interact with machines, and it also works as a good resource for coding or testing interfaces. If you're having an issue with an interface, or a piece of that interface that just doesn't seem quite right, this book might be the tool you're missing."
-- Doug Schaible, Sr., Linux Pro Magazine

"...this is a good book to read if you’re looking into designing an interface. The authors are up-front that this is not the definitive book on designing mobile- being that it is still a fast-evolving medium, that’s a given."
-- Zoltan Romin,

"Overall, Designing Interfaces is a great book for anyone who has to design or implement interfaces that allow people to interact with machines. It also provides a good starting point for coding and testing interfaces."
-- Jonathan Hammler, Compsoc -- Durham University Computing Society

"A beautiful, well-executed book with a great deal of valuable reference material."
-- Harley Hahn, Harley Hahn's World of Reading

"With plenty of tips and tricks and clarifying what's a good UI from a bad UI, Designing Interfaces is a sage and very useful guidebook sure to assist design students excellently."
-- James A. Cox, The Midwest Book Review: Wisconsin Bookwatch

"Designing Interfaces, Second Edition, by Jenifer Tidwell, is one of those books that you could study intently and come out as an interface expert."
-- Jay Nelson, Design Tools Monthly, Issue #224 June/July 2011

"A well-annotated interface design pattern library. It’s an excellent read for interaction design students and entry-level user experience designers to get a full spectrum of the popular user interface patterns. It also works well as a shelf reference book for experienced designers when it comes to design brainstorming and problem solving."
-- Kejun Xu, Technical Communication, Volume 58, Number 4, November 2011

"No one would consider going on a lengthy journey without a map or guide. Likewise no IT professional should attempt to design interfaces without reading this book. It has many insights, tips, tricks, and advice that even some of the most experienced designers will be unaware of. "
-- Tony Stevenson, Left-Brain Bookstore