Media praise for Beautiful Visualization

"Anyone working on a modern, data-intensive application will get a plethora of great ideas from this beautifully illustrated tome. "
-- Craig S. Mullins, Data and Technology Today

"Includes some genuinely good ideas and is an entertaining read"
-- David Conrad, I Programmer

"Drawing on insight from an impressive roster of experts, this book covers everything from discussions of what do we mean by 'beauty' through visualizing civilian air traffic, to visualizing autopsies. This book is not only useful in developing your understanding of how to think about the nature of visualizations as well as how to develop visualization strategies, it's also enormously practical as it includes code examples that implement many of the visualizations discussed."
-- Mark Gibbs, Network World

"The layout of Beautiful Visualization makes navigation easy, with the chapter number, title, and page number all in the footer. “Don’t make it pretty, make it communicate a story about the data” is the actuating tag line that Steele and Iliinsky succeed in sharing."
-- Beth Lisberg Najberg, STC Technical Communication, Principal of Beginnings; An Information Design Consulting Firm.