Media praise for Facebook: The Missing Manual

"Facebook fans at all levels can benefit from The Missing Manual, and the book serves as a classic example of how simple language, numerous graphics, and a touch of humor appeal to various learning styles."
-- Kit O'Toole,

"Bob finds himself totally confused by Facebook and is thinking of joining the International Luddite Society. This book will straighten him out."
-- Bob and Joy Schwabach, On Computers

"If you want guidance through the whole process of starting to use Facebook you will welcome this manual."
-- Lucy Black, I Programmer

"Would I buy Facebook: The Missing Manual, Second Edition? As someone who has often felt lost in Facebookland, absolutely!"
-- Miss Bob Etier,

"Let’s say you want to join the revolution and enter the realm of Facebook with its 400 million users. The book you want is Facebook: The Missing Manual..."
-- Tim Boxer, 15 Minutes Magazine

"The title says it all. It is the missing manual for Facebook."
-- James W. Sywilok,

"...very good for the beginner to intermediate user."
-- Marc Filippelli, Sacramento Book Review

"...this is an excellent in-depth pick for any Facebook user."
-- Diane Donovan, California Bookwatch: The Computer Shelf

"I often rely on The Missing Manual series, and from my reading of this volume I see no reason to change my mind. Emily Vander Veer has written a dozen readable books, and this one is no exception. Recommended."
-- Jerry Pournelle, Chaos Manor