Media praise for Tapworthy

"Yes, this is a book of chapter, verse, example, and tightly-edited interviews with developers behind some of the biggest iPhone apps. But that’s a disguise. It’s really an awesome set of fresh, up-to-date and useful ways to think about how you design iPhone apps, smartphone apps, desktop apps, web apps, you name it. This is not your typical rehash conventional software interface “best practices” book. What Josh nails is a sea change in what people expect of software apps, especially mobile apps."
-- Bob Walsh, 47 Hats

"If you are about to embark upon designing your first commercial mobile app, stop what you're doing, buy this book, read it, and then proceed with your design efforts."
-- Rainy Day Engineering, Rainy Day Magazine

"If you’re thinking of making money off an iPhone or iPad app, there are lots of things you may not have thought of. Most of them are in this book. What’s great are the first person accounts from successful iPhone developers, such as Josh Williams, founder of Gowalla, a popular social networking site. "
-- Bob and Joy Schwabach, On Computers

"From what I've scan-read so far, it's a brilliant book; incredibly detailed and well-researched. I normally cringe at this type of book, but as I'm scanning through I'm finding myself nodding my head sagely at everything; it's like you are in our minds as we are designing stuff! "
-- Jof Arnold, Founder, GymFu Ltd

"...if you want to make usable apps, it's worth a read. "
-- William Springer, Vulcan Ear Book Reviews

"...a very readable guide with specific do’s and don’ts to follow in designing your iPhone app interface. The tips, along with the long but readable discussion on the principles behind those tips, are general enough that even game developers will find them useful."
-- Radamanthus Batnag,

"The best book you can buy for iPhone design. … Tapworthy is one of the most useful and practical User Experience books I have ever read. … Josh covers every possible consideration when it comes to iPhone application design. … If you’re looking for how to build a great mobile tool that extends your brand, Tapworthy is as good as it gets."
-- Catriona Cornett, inspireUX

"I rate this book as a must read for any iPhone developer or prospective developer."
-- Scott Chandler, Wooly Blog