Media praise for Best iPad Apps

"Just in time for the holidays, this beautifully formatted book will help new iPad owners get up to speed on filling their iPads with Apps. And for those still on the sidelines, this book does a great job of illustrating all the things an iPad can do!"
-- Victor Barger, goodreads

"This is a must see/buy for the astute iPad user."
-- Karen Appleby, Lilk13's Reading Library

"So why would you choose this book over the numerous web articles always showing the Top 10 iPad Apps? I wondered that as well. Now I get it. The book goes category by category. Web listings seem to have the same ones over and over...But there is also great business value and I was shocked to see the awesome amount of content in health and wellness I would have never even thought about. Some of the HD content is amazing to have right in your hand."
-- Chris Miller, TheSocialNetworker

"If you've made the leap into the iPad fans group and bought yourself one of these amazing tools (or someone else was kind enough to get you one!), the Best iPad Apps book is a must have."
-- Denise O'Berry,

"...the never-ending task of loading your iPad up with apps can be a lot easier for beginners with the book Best iPad Apps from O'Reilly Media."
-- Gregg Ellman, Centre Daily Times

"No matter how you use your iPad, Best iPad Apps will help you find the real gems among the rubble -- so you make the most of your glossy gadget."
-- Steve Brock, Stevo's Book Reviews

" of the best relevant coffee table books — especially for those who want to have an excellent conversation starter for their hip, high-tech friends who drop by."
-- Steven Welsh, Omug CLOSEUP Review

"Great tool for any iPad user - whether for business or leisure."
-- Jennifer Casler,