Media praise for Intermediate Perl

"This book, after you’ve gone through Learning Perl, should give a really good foundation for writing in object-oriented Perl."
-- Liz Henry, Composite

"If you are wanting to take Perl to the next level, Intermediate Perl is a book you want in your library."
-- Amanda Tippit Chilson, inRandom

"Intermediate Perl is an excellent next step after “Learning Perl.” I’d go so far as to say that it’s a good workbook for long-time Perl programmers to use – go through the exercises at the back of each chapter and see if there’s some way you can improve your coding, or something you’re doing inefficiently. In the overwhelming sea of blue Perl books, this one provides a great set of exercises to take your development skills to the next level."
-- Kirsten Jones, Princess Polymath

"This is an excellent book for somebody who has read and mastered Learning Perl and wants to continue with more advanced topics."
-- W. E. Mihalo, Computing Reviews, A senior high-performance computing systems engineer with the Academic and Research Technologies group within Northwestern University's Information Technologies division