Media praise for Illustrated Guide to Home Biology Experiments

"A thoroughly educational and simultaneously entertaining introduction to microbiology for the home Maker and for in-home education."
-- Ira Laefsky,

"My husband's next school course is in Biology and as my son is going into High-School Biology this year, I thought this would be a great book to have at home. It talks about the importance of keeping a Lab Notebook (and how to format it), how to prepare and give careful consideration to your work area (especially at home) and planning / scheduling. I found the experiments to be very interesting and the procedures not difficult to read at all. After each Lab there are Review Questions and some of them come with colored photos to assist you on the provided steps. "
-- Manda Tippit, inRandom

"I have used and loved the authors’ Chemistry book, Illustrated Guide to Home Chemistry Experiments: All Lab, No Lecture (DIY Science), but I honestly did not expect to like this one as well, just because it isn’t my favorite subject. But now I am actually excited about doing Biology, and looking forward to it! I decided we are going to start the using this book now, because it seems too interesting to wait. So we are going to learn to use the microscope, make slides and mount specimens over the summer, and have fun with this book."
-- Anne, Upstate Ramblings

"Both of my kids enjoy and excel in the study of science. My daughter has even expressed her desire to become a neurosurgeon someday, though it is still early and that is subject to change. I like to fill some of those Summer Vacation "Mom, I'm so bored!", moments with something educational and The Illustrated Guide to Home Biology Experiments by Robert Bruce Thompson and Barbara Fritchman Thompson from O'Reilly Media helped me do that. The photographs were amazing and definitely are favorite part of this book. "
-- Melissa,

"The Illustrated Guide to Home Biology Experiments would also make a great course for homeschool Co-Op classes. Especially considering it can be used with so many different curriculum’s. The students can do biology at home and the lab at co-op. I’m seriously considering this for next year."
-- Katy, Katydid Country

"Great both for homeschoolers or for anyone who just wants to learn more about biology by doing real, hands on lab work."
-- Anne G., Upstate Ramblings

"This book is for anyone, from responsible teenagers to adults, who wants to learn about biology by doing real, hands-on laboratory work."
-- Amanda Tippit Chilson, Outnumbered 3 to 1

"Illustrated Guide to Home Biology Experiments is well-written and well-illustrated."
-- Si Dunn, Sagecreek Productions

"If there's one thing that really irritates me about some homeschool science books, it's that they assume you are fully equipped with a school-sized lab and have more equipment than most families can afford. The Illustrated Guide to Home Biology Experiments doesn't do that; in fact, it's a very practical and approachable method to teach kids of any age some of the most important biology principles they'll need to know!"
-- Linsey Knerl, Lille Punkin'

"Middle to high school students and many an adult DIY science person will find this an inviting collection packed with fun experiments and ideas."
-- James A. Cox, The Midwest Book Review: The Bookwatch, The Science Shelf, August 2012, Volume 7, Number 8