Media praise for Making Embedded Systems

"I'm recommending this book to anyone who wants to become an embedded system developer. Making Embedded Systems is the book for a C programmer who wants to enter the fun (and lucrative) world of embedded systems. What makes embedded different is the synergy of the hardware and software, and this book delves deeply, and almost uniquely, into the integration of the two. It's very well written--entertaining, even--and filled with clear illustrations."
-- Jack Ganssle, author and embedded system expert

"Elecia has a lot to share and she's doing it in style with her book Making Embedded Systems. Making Embedded Systems is loaded with great information and wisdom. Those just learning embedded systems will find many mysteries revealed with lots of definitions and how-to advice. It's also a handbook for the experienced developer with the breadth and depth of the topics covered."
-- James W. Grenning, Author of Test-Driven Development for Embedded C

"Embedded systems are inherently object-oriented, yet many embedded software developers don't create systems with this methodology in mind. In her new book, Elecia White examines embedded software development with an object-oriented tilt, giving a fresh perspective to embedded firmware design. With her inherently readable writing style, Making Embedded Systems is both approachable and entertaining. For OOP software developers wanting to enter the world of embedded systems, her book is a must read."
-- John Catsoulis, Author of Designing Embedded Hardware and itinerant CTO

"This is the book that I have wanted to write for many years, only Elecia has done a better job than I think I ever could. In addition to being an ideal introduction for developers new to embedded systems, you will also find advice for us seasoned practitioners that need some tuning-up of our skills. Kudos."
-- Bill Gatliff, embedded Linux developer

"One of the best-written books I have ever read."
-- Joao Carvalho