Media praise for WordPress: The Missing Manual

"This knowledgeable manual is the perfect tool to keep nearby if one has a WordPress blog and either does not know where to start or has to correct, change or trouble-shoot his or her own self-hosted blog site. Kudos to MacDonald for writing and explaining such a complicated topic in layman’s “computerese.” "
-- Conny Crisalli,

"WordPress: The Missing Manual is a book you have to read before you start a blog. I found this book an easy read. It makes understanding WordPress quite simple. It lays everything out perfectly and finding information in here is quite easy."
-- Lisa Martin, Lisa Reviews

"MacDonald provides readers with all the basics of WordPress in one convenient package. "
-- Kit O'Toole,

"This reference is get valuable information that would cost hundreds of dollars in a class or workshop for less than $30. I don’t see how anyone who wants to learn to build a better WordPress blog or business website could possibly go wrong."
-- Carolyn Warren,

"This book is a recipe book for success as a blogger or website designer. The author, Matthew MacDonald, has created a soup-to-nuts book (how to create, manage, maintain, and extend a WordPress site) with the dessert course in the appendices (migrating WordPress and useful sites)...It makes a great how-to book for everyone from a beginner to an advanced user."
-- Linda McNeil, Macs@PACS