Media praise for Version Control with Git

"Two thumbs up, and maybe a tentacle too, on Version Control with Git, 2nd Edition by Jon Loeliger and Matthew McCullough. If you are a working programmer who wants to learn more about Git, particularly a programmer familiar with a Unix-based development environment, then this is the book for you, hands down (tentacles down too, please)."
-- Karl Fogel, Slashdot

"Finally, we've got a one point of reference of the use and application of using GitHub."
-- P. Mackie,

"If you are the "Git person" at your workplace and would like to prepare to take questions from your co-workers on how to work out complex merges and misunderstandings, this is the book for you."
-- Don Marti, Perforce

"Version control with Git is accessible to every developer, but is probably of serious value to those in charge of version control and release cycles. Without prior experience, it is hard to know what works best for any given project. This book provides sage advice and gives the practitioner the tools to manage projects of any size."
-- Elliot Jaffe, Computing Reviews

"Two thumbs up, and maybe a tentacle too"
--Karl Fogel, Slashdot