Media praise for Learning Web Design

"I'm really impressed with this 'soup to nuts' book...This really is a 'from the ground up' compendium of everything you'd need to know, from a *designer's* standpoint, of how to author for the web, even coming from a print background."
-- Leo Marihart, Brain Scratch

"This handsome new edition of Learning Web Design can be your how-to, go-to handbook for a long time, whether you are a newbie or already have web experience."
-- Si Dunn, Sagecreek Productions

"A perfect book for HTML/CSS/JS introduction and learning. Also is a good reference book because it's well structured, is easy to search by topic and jump to related topics. The exercises are easy and you only need a good text editor."
-- Orozco Lopez Victor Leonel "tuxtor",

"The book tells you not only how to do stuff, it tells you why and when it is right to do so."
-- Boanerges Aleman-Meza "aleman",

"The book is well organized and well paced for beginners. The book is also an excellent reference guide for intermediate-level web designers who want to fine tune their skills."
-- H. Collins,

"If you want to build a website and you have limited or no desgn expertise this book is a wonderful place to start. The author takes you slowly but thoroughly through the process of building a web page and on to creating a web site with multiple pages that will adapt for viewing on mobile devices."
-- Barry Brown, Barry's Musings, SIR Area 2, CAT Group

"[Niederst Robbins] has accomplished the seemingly impossible task of bringing together all of the basic concepts of web design into a comprehensive, organized, and well-written volume. Now in its fourth edition, "Learning Web Design," with its all-in-one approach, should be considered the quintessential textbook and reference for the beginning to intermediate student and/or practitioner of web design."
-- J. E. Brandon, CHOICE Current Reviews for Academic Libraries, Michigan State University Library