Media praise for OS X Mountain Lion: The Missing Manual

"The author knows his subject, and users, especially insecure ones, will save a lot of grief with this book."
-- Mark A. Kellner, The Washington Times

"There's something new on practically every page of this new edition, and David Pogue brings his celebrated wit and expertise to every one of them. Apple's brought a new cat to town, and this great book will help you make get the most out of your investment."
-- Tom Piper, appleJAC Macintosh Users Group

"A comprehensive guide to computing on the Mac with Apple's OS X Mountain Lion new Operating System. The new features and App Store-only distribution of this OS make this great piece of technical literature more necessary than ever."
-- Ira Laefsky,

"The text of this book is wonderful, insightful, and helpful...This is certainly my go-to book for this program."
-- Harvey C., Book Bargains and Previews

"The author’s (David Pogue) writing style is clearly written, succinctly worded and peppered with humor throughout the text. It makes it very readable and understandable for everyone from a beginner to an advanced user. This ebook or paperback is very informative, clearly organized, and very thoroughly indexed for retrieval of bits of information."
-- L. McNeil, BookPushinCats

"This is a great book for nearly all levels of computer users even advanced users who will get a large handful of “Power User Tips” and other information on advanced topics including how to install the free developer tools of X11, no longer part of the standard installation."
-- John Suda,

"If you own a Mac, you need a copy of Mac OS X Mountain Lion: The Missing Manual."
-- Lisa Martin, Lisa Reviews

"Still the OS X book to have if you’re only having one."
-- Charles Moore, Applelinks

"No manual is easy to use, but David Pogue makes the chore more pleasant with his style of mixing humor and tech-speak in providing the information we need."
-- Joseph Kluepfel, Kings Point Computer Club

"The book is a very informative manual for users of all levels and scores 10/10 in terms of content and value for money."
-- Uma Kanagaratnam, BCS

"I always prefer computer books written by David Pogue...He writes with humor and uses language that anybody can understand. He always knows how to make sense of things that often make no sense at all to most of us."
-- Linda Cameron, The Finder - Newsletter for the Mid-Columbia Macintosh User Group