Media praise for UX for Lean Startups

"A must read to find Product Market fit."
-- Andy Rachleff, President and CEO of Wealthfront & Cofounder of Benchmark Capital

"Laura is an expert at teaching entrepreneurs how to understand their users and design innovative products. This book should be required reading for anybody with a startup."
-- Brett Durrett, CEO of IMVU

"Building great products starts with deep customer understanding which is surprisingly hard to attain. In this book, Laura walks you through the nuts and bolts of learning from customers and shows you how to turn this learning into an amazing product."
-- Ash Maurya, Founder of USERcycle

"If you are an entrepreneur, especially if you're working in technology, you know the importance of user experience. But, unless you've worked closely with UX people, you probably don't know how to go about getting it right. Laura Klein's UX for Lean Startups is the book for you. This is a smart, practical book, filled with Laura's considerable wisdom, insight, and expertise. It demystifies UX concepts so you can put the them to work immediately. Did I say it's funny, too? It is. Get this book."
-- Josh Seiden, Managing Director at NEO

"This book offers specific, concrete answers to the question: 'How do we learn?' Laura arms her readers with the design tools and research methods they'll need to lead teams through rapid hypothesis testing--the organizational practice that is at the core of Lean Startup."
-- Yee Lee, VP of Engineering at TaskRabbit

"An excellent guide for someone looking to leapfrog their knowledge of user-centered and data-driven UX design."
-- Rob Walling, Author of Start Small, Stay Small: A Developer's Guide to Launching a Startup

"UX for Lean Startups is a mandatory read for anyone who designs and builds products. Laura provides an easy to follow, easy to understand, actionable set of tools and techniques that will dramatically improve your ability to create products your customers love to use. Along the way, she'll make you laugh out loud and get inspired to get to work immediately. Like right now. Go!"
-- Anne Raimondi, Chief Revenue Officer of Task rabbit

"A smooth blending of how-to steps for creating the best user experience for your new product--while staying within the lines of a tight-budget startup. The author injects some humor and personal experiences to help keep the discussions lively. And you don't have to read the text from cover to cover. You can find good ideas while jumping around from topic to topic as your needs and curiosity arise."
-- Si Dunn, Sagecreek Productions, Novelist, screenwriter, technical writer, and author of nonfiction books

"Nowadays, there are no doubts about the role UX plays in getting a great product. Unfortunately, UX is generally associated with costly processes which involve lots of design. In this book, Laura Klein does an excellent job in showing you how to apply several techniques in order to reduce the time and money which is typically spent in this area."
-- Luís Abreu, LA.NET [EN]

"The book is an invaluable resource for demystifying the Lean Process. It's also an excellent guide for mid-career UX designers that want to move to a more iterative process and away from waterfall, and for founders that don't have the money to pay for a user experience designer and would need to have a go at it themselves."
-- Patrick Neeman,

"Laura's advice is incredibly practical. Having just been through a startup I could immediately see what I could have applied, and working with other startups now I do get an opportunity to apply more ideas. Many ideas are only obvious in retrospect (like testing fake features when you're operating on a shoestring budget) and then even once the idea is obvious, there's great advice for making the most of the idea."
-- Lisa Dusseault, Not Invented Here, VP, Engineering at Calaborate