Media praise for Shipping Greatness

"Shipping Greatness condenses years of experience on working with world class products into an accessible, practical guide. Whether you're looking for reference as an aspiring software leader, or need a handbook to keep everyone on the same page, it is a must-have guide for software leaders. Intensely practical advise that I've seen applied on the best products, built from startups through to Google, Microsoft and Disney."
-- Mike Smith, CTO Disney Interactive

"Shipping Greatness is a perfectly-sized primer on how to lead a software project--readers will gain great appreciation of the entire shipping process from several levels--enough, even, to role-play for others on the team in a pinch. In full geek-out terms, it's quite possibly the /Dungeon Master's Guide /of anyone's set of technology business volumes."
-- Matt Shobe, User experience designer, co-founder of

"Shipping Greatness takes an extraordinarily holistic, non-specialized perspective on software projects. At the same time it gives a broad range of practical, hands-on advice. If you are about to start a project and only have time to read a single book, this is the one."
-- Lars Thorup, software consultant, CEO

"Vander May offers professional insights from real world experience--and from two of the best organizations to gain this perspective: and Google. But what differentiates Chris's offering from other books on the topic are his personal insights about working with people and not just technology."
-- David Lutz, technical sales consultant with 17 years of experience in data management and business intelligence

"Shipping Greatness should be on your team’s reading list."
-- Alan Weinkrantz,