Media praise for Vintage Tomorrows

"This excellent, aesthetically pleasing (with many beautiful illustrations), and informative volume is not limited to history and prognostication; the engaging and entertaining backstory of "Steampunk" as a cultural phenomena with artists, writers, musicians, and mega-gatherings like the Burning Man festival is fully described and told as a blended beautiful phenomena. I highly recommend this excting book to Makers, technologists, designers and the general public."
-- Ira Laefsky,, MS Engineering/MBA Information Technologist and Maker

"In their new book Vintage Tomorrows, historian James H. Carrott and futurist Brian David Johnson make the case that the subculture known as steampunk provides our society with the best possible way to understand our technological world--and, as such, is poised to enter the mainstream."
-- , TIME Entertainment

"One of the most summarily profound quotes in the book comes from the authors' interview with Robert Martin Armstrong, founder of Steamcon, who said, "We are reimagining the Victorians' original views of the future. Their science fiction has become our science fact. Steampunk is a group of people looking back to look forward again and say: 'What if?'" And truly, the what-if presented in the book is about reimagining the future before it ever happens in order to shape it into what we all want it to be."
-- Mercy Pilkington, Good eReader, Young-adult author and teacher

"Vintage Tomorrows is the book to hand to anyone who asks about steampunk. Whether it's about the maker culture, the fashion trends, the history behind the alternative history, the literature, the art, the music, or anything else you can think of, this book does its best to cover it... It's a great read, and highly recommended."
-- Jinnet, The Steampunk Librarian blog, The Steampunk Librarian

"This is an intriguing look at this phenomenon and the interviews are very revealing although towards the end the point has been made and the questions all answered. This is a must read for anyone with an interest in the past and with a whimsical outlook on today's technical culture."
-- Barry Brown, Barry's Musings blog, SIR Area 2 CAT Group

"It is a little early to call Vintage Tomorrows my favorite book of 2013, but I doubt if there will be a better title this year. "
-- Greg Barbrick, Seattle PI, BLOGCRITICS.ORG

"Mr. Johnson analyzes ethnography, consumer data and even science fiction, and many of his findings and conclusions are published his rollicking new book "Vintage Tomorrows.""
-- Joe Kukura, AllVoices, Freelance Writer, Anchor

"The vast majority of steampunk related books I receive to review are fictional. I very rarely get one that is non-fiction...I [had] not come across a book that looked more closely at steampunk from the viewpoint of the community itself, makers and inventors, as well as artists and musicians, whether heavily involved in steampunk or not...Although this book is much more on the scale of a textbook than a light entertaining steampunk story, I still found it readable and humorous. "
-- Lee Ann Farruga, Steampunk Canada, Countessa Lenora. Canadian Queen of Steampunk. Founder of Steampunk Canada.

"This book makes you think, you may not always agree with the authors but if they make you think like they did with me then I am sure the cost will be worthwhile."
-- Paul Smart, Gadget Speak

"Having fun with technology is one of the main aspects of Steampunk. The reader gets to explore this towards the end of the book, with the authors investigating the third era of computing. In particular they look at technology that has a sense of humour!"
-- Danny Williams, The Chartered Institute for IT, MBCS CITP

"When James H. Carrott and Brian David Johnson collaborated on this book, the world of Steampunk became a lot clearer. The past, present and future existence of the genre will forever be debated, but Vintage Tomorrows, published by O’Reilly Media, Inc., gives the fandom a treasure chest of information from around the world to help keep the discussion going"
-- Rick L. Brown, Doctor Fantastique's Show of Wonders, Blog Writer, and Retired Mechanical Engineer