Media praise for iOS 6 Programming Cookbook

"I have about three iOS books, and I like this one the best. The author writes in such a way that I can understand. The iOS 6 Programming Cookbook is the ideal book for providing a guide to a variety of functions of iOS from the very basics of how to get your first app running, solving common problems like passing data between views, and using functionality such as Core Data, using iCloud, drawing and so on. It is an excellent addition to the tools I use to becoming better at writing iOS apps. I love that it takes complex topics such as UICollection View Controller, 3D transformations and 2D animations, and making them accessible and understandable. This book as one for anyone interested in iOS development because it covers all the new features of iOS 6, making it a great reference guide. ~Reviewed by David H. Reading Room Rating 5 books"
-- David H.,