Media praise for Clojure Cookbook

"One of the cool things about the book is that it moves from basics into considerably more advanced tasks towards the end, tackling running cascalog jobs on Amazon's elastic mapreduce service. I've found the "performance and production" section to be particularly useful, with a lot of tips about packaging and deploying your application that other books don't contain. Clojure Cookbook is the best reference for accomplishing common practical tasks in clojure that I have come across."
-- Paul Sanwald,, Programmer

"Programmers using or planning to use Clojure will find this book very helpful. It is more of a compendium of current practices than a Clojure tutorial. Clojure's concurrency constructs, including refs, atoms, and agents, do not seem to be mentioned, nor is software transactional memory."
-- Arthur Gittleman, Computing Reviews