Media praise for Oracle and Open Source

"...a good one I'm happy to recommend. While there is valuable and correct introductory material, 90% of the text is meaty code, installation tips, definitions, and related references. Duncan and Hull are Oracle specialists whose method is clear and commendable; They've written the book they could have bought five years earlier in their own careers." --Cameron Laird, Server/Workstation Expert, August 2001

"Until now, however, it's been difficult for Oracle developers to get a good fix on the open source resources available to them. Open source news media rarely focus on Oracle-oriented projects; Oracle information sources tend to focus on commercial products. In Oracle & Open Source, all that changes. Andy Duncan and Sean Hull--themselves developers of open source Oracle tools--profile nearly 100 open source tools for Oracle development and database administration. You'll learn where to get the software, how to install it, and how to adapt it to your specific needs. The breadth of these software tools will be an enormously pleasant surprise to most Oracle professionals. Whether you're an Oracle DBA or developer, this book will turn you on to tools you can use in production-- and extend at will- without draining your checkbook" --Bill Camarda,, August 2001

"an excellent introduction to, and overview of, open source programming languages. While principally aimed at Oracle DBAs and developers, and including descriptions of a plethora of open source Oracle applications, this book also serves as a general introduction to the most successful open source products to date" --Michael O'Connor,