Media praise for Programming Perl

"Having the father of Perl as one of the authors surely makes this an authoritative source for Perl knowledge. But it also means it includes insight and perspective unique to this publication. Together the three authors of 'Programming Perl' bring a world of experience and information into the vast language of Perl right into your hands...This book will always be a valuable resource when working on any Perl program."
--Williamsburg Macromedia User Group, March 30, 2003

"Do yourself a favor, order this book."
--Perl/Unix User Group of NY

"Getting by without 'Programming Perl' and still writing complex and working Perl applications seems hard to me. The book contains a glossary as well. Perl programmers shouldn't be without this guide."
--, May 2002

"What can I say? This book is my bible. One of the best computer books I have ever read. And one of the best I will likely ever read. (Until the fourth edition appears that is!) Put simply; this book made me a better Perl coder, and is always by my side, waiting to be referred to for the umteenth time."
--Laurance,, Oct 2001

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"Larry Wall wrote Perl and he wrote 'Programming Perl.' Better yet, he writes amusingly and well--all of which comes across in this latest edition of the definitive guide to the language."
--Rich Dragan and Brooke Gilbert, amazon programming editors, Dec 2001

"A few (books) I actually wouldn't mind taking out to the pool. Yes, there are good techie books you can read through dark glasses miles away from any CRT. In fact, I've read a little from Programming Perl every night before bedtime. There's a lot to learn about computing when you're away from a computer."
--Dan Gookin, Amazon Delivers Home and Office Computing, June 14, 2001

"The world's best Perl book now in its second edition. This book built "
--Randy M. Zeitman,, Jan 2001

"This book is remarkable in a number of important ways. The authors are ultimately qualified to write about Perl...the authors are intimately acquaintedwith computer programming...the book is well-written, easily understandable and enjoyable. "
--Nelson Bigelow, Kennebec Valley Computer Society Newsletter, April 2001

"Longtime Perl fans know Programming Perl as the Camel, because of the cover animal. With the first edition in 1991, Perl programmers gained not only a charmingly appropriate mascot, but the ultimate language reference. True to form, this Camel's grown with the language. In the four years since the last release, it's increased in size by 67%. Everything you liked about previous editions has returned, in one form or another. The wealth of new information is staggering, but as you'd expect from the luminous authors, even the core language reference is highly readable and entertaining. Part of being a good programmer is knowing where to turn for accurate and useful information. This is the place for all things Perl. If you use Perl regularly, put the new Camel on your shelf."
--Chromatic,, Dec 5, 2000

"This is a great book, and the third camel is the best camel yet. It is written in a style and humor that is all its own...between the {the authors} they know more about Perl than any mere mortal could possibly be expected to remember, which helps explain why this book is the essential Perl reference. You will not fid a more authoritative treatment of the language in any other book."
--Paul Barry, Linux Journal, Dec 2000

"the most authoritative book on Perl, and the authors' prose is a joy to read."
--Eugene Eric Kim, Web Techniques, January 2001

"Larry Wall wrote Perl and he wrote Programming Perl. Better yet, he writes amusingly and well--all of which comes across in this latest edition of the definitive guide to the language. Like Topsy, Perl just grew, and as a result the need for a third edition came about. It's now over 1,000 pages, which it needs to be, as it performs several different duties. First, it's an introduction to the Perl language for those who are new to programming; also, it's a guide for those who are coming from other languages; and, finally, it's a Perl language reference Even if you have both previous editions, you'll want this latest version--if only for the new jokes."
--Steve Patient,, Dec 2000

"...the Perl programmers bible. It is at once an introduction for those who are new to programming, a crash course for concerts form other languages, a tour guide of Perl culture and a definitive reference to the language. What makes this book such a delight however, is not just what is said, but how it is said. Larry W all is a superb writer, and his irreverent wit and word-play make light reading of otherwise dense subject matter. I found myself chuckling more often than when reading a Terry Pratchett novel. What's more, Wall, as the principal architect of the Perl language, fills the book with insights as to why Perl is designed the way it is, which makes understanding that much easier."
--Linux Format, Oct 2000

"You can obtain reference books on Perl from a variety of publishers, but the mother lode can be found at O'Reilly and Associates, which has done its best to make itself the core of Perl documentation. The closest thing to a "Perl Manual" is Larry Wall's "Programming Perl, third edition."
--John Joyce, Scientific Computing and Instrumentation, Sept 2000

"part tutorial, part reference, and part philosophy. Yep, a programming book that might actually impact how you view your life and the world around you......the lighthearted tone and informal style has remained the same and is just as effective."
--Netsurfer Digest Sept 30, 2000

"The third edition of Programming Perl is impressive from the start...Lucid exposition interspersed with good examples and many jokes that will strike a chord with programmers are prevalent in the text. All in all, the third edition of this very popular book is a major event in Perl's history. The release of version 5.6.0 brought many software improvements to the Perl community, but it also made the second edition significantly outdated. This gap is remedied by the third edition. Still, this book is no mere upgrade. Several sections are completely new, and others are more than twice their original size in the second edition. New modules, pragmas, functions, and capabilities are shown in action with great examples. Perl programmers should consider purchasing the third edition of Programming Perl for all these reasons, but most of all because this is now the definite and best reference for the Perl language."
--Teodor Zlatanov, IBM DeveloperWorks, Sept. 2000

"This will be the easiest purchasing decision that librarians will make all year.. .this book is the bible for Perl programmers. Aside from the authors outstanding credentials, this is the most comprehensive and well-written Perl book out there. Essential for all libraries."
--Chris Ziener, Library Journal, Oct 1, 2000

"Ilayos're planning on using Perl extensively, then you'll most likely need this book, as you won't find many serious Perl programmers without it. Programming Perl is probably the best source as a programmer's reference. Nowhere else will you find such an in-depth guide on Perl. If you want to be a real Perl coder, you'll definitely need this book."
--Eric Sun,, Sept 2000

"But, the bottom line is: is this a book worth buying? Absolutely. If you're new to Perl, or fairly new to programming, you could do a lot worse than to start with this book. The first chapter does a great job of introducing basic computing ideas, and giving concrete examples of how they apply in Perl. If you've been using Perl for a while, and you have one of the earlier editions, you already know how useful these tomes are; the new sections alone in this edition are worth the $49.95 cover price. If you've been using Perl for a while, and you don't have an earlier copy of this book, it's about time you heard from the man who actually wrote the language."
--Edward Piou,, October 2000