Media praise for Java Examples in a Nutshell

"Whether you are new to Java or not, this book is sure to provide practical advice."--Ray Blackie, Calgary Oracle Users Group, April 3, 2002.

"It's hard not to like the Nutshell series from O'Reilly & Associates. It doesn't profess to do anything more than it tends to deliver: a clear concise reference for a given domain...Java Enterprise in a Nutshell is no different... it's a good book to have readily available while you're actually programming...a good investment for most Java programmers, modestly priced and well-formulated, providing much additional value" --Claude Duguay, Java Pro, April 2001

"an excellent book and a superb learning aid for Java programmers at any level." --Elizabeth Zinkann, Sys Admin, March 2001

"Java Examples in a Nutshell" makes a very slick follow up to O'Reilly's "Java in a Nutshell" tome. The examples in this book provide much more depth to those in the earlier Java book. David Flanagan believes that people learn best by example and we heartily agree. As a teaching tool this book serves well and covers a very impressive range of Java topics; from Java Basics to Graphical User Interfaces to Servlets and much more. With 150 examples and close to 18,000 lines of code we found the book a handy addition to our reference library." --Lee Hudspeth, The Naked PC, Nov 3, 2000

"Although I have been in the software industry for 16 years, this is probably the first note of this kind I've ever sent. I just wanted to say thanks for producing such high quality programming books (especially the Java series) at rational prices. It seems that the rest of the computer book industry is hell bent on a race to see who can gouge the highest prices for the cheapest trash. I've voted with my wallet since most of the titles that I buy these days are yours." --Donald J. Cunningham

"The best introductory route to Java I have come across. Thoroughly recommended and it's good to see that one of the publishing stalwarts of the early days of the Net is still doing all the right things." --Bill Poel, Computer Shopper UK, June 1998

"Another fine example of the O'Reilly style of writing...If you take the time to work through this book, you should come out with a very good understaning of Java, JavaBeans, Applets, Servlets, JSP and XML and its uses for Web Designing. As technology moves into the use of these, this would be a book you wouldn't want to miss. I rated this book as a "10" --Barbara Rhoades, St Louis Web Developers and Web Designers Organization January 2001

"an outstanding collection of code samples that are designed to help you improve your programming skills--by studying code that works. With over 150 expert examples that illustrate a wide range of Java APIs, this volume definitely can bring your knowledge of Java to the next level. This is a worthy and up-to-date resource for all levels of Java programmers." --Richard Dragan, Delivers Computer Programming, Nov 2000

"Without a doubt, Java in a Nutshell is a valuable reference to any Java programmer's bookshelf." --David Reilly,

"it's like the rosetta stone between C++ and Java." --Al Williams, Web Techniques, Oct 2000