Media praise for Java Servlet Programming

"I highly recommend this book in addition to the 'JavaServer Pages' book. The combination of these two books will give you all you need to know in order to work in the NextGen world of IBM/Lotus."
--Thomas Duff, Portland Domino/Notes User Group, 5/6/2003

Best of 2001 Award; Computing and Internet,

"JavaPro Third Annual Reader's Choice Awards
Best Java Book for Experts Third place: Java Servlet Programming

"an excellent book and reference for the Java Servlet 2.2 API. Jason Hunter and William Crawford clearly know their servlets and the knowledge shines through. If you are looking for a comprehensive servlet book this is it."
--Jayson Falkner,, June 2001

"This is a must-have book. The exactitude, clarity and comprehensiveness makes it a worthy addition to any Java developer's bookshelf. 10/10"
--Ajith Kallambella,, June 2001

"A superb introduction to Java Servlets and their various communications mechanisms. It includes deep and comprehensive coverage of the java servlet API. Throughout, the authors present excellent example code and go to much effort to explain why things work the way they do."
--Teri Kieffer, delivers Web Development, June 6, 2001

"This programming guide is loaded with valuable information for developers, including basic debugging techniques and servlet details."

"a solid introduction to the world of Java development with Servlets and related technologies. Thoroughly revised and newly updated with over a half-dozen new chapters, this title brings an already useful text up to speed with some leading-edge material. It excels particularly in explaining how to program dynamic Web content using Java Servlets, with a fine introduction to all the APIs, programming techniques, and tips you will need to be successful with this standard. Although Servlets are not the only game in town, they are still important tools for successful Web development. This updated edition shows you just how to do it with plenty of basic and advanced tips for taking full advantage of this powerful Java standard."
--Richard Dragan,, June 2001

"A 100% pure O'Reilly book. Clear, concise, chock full of example."
--Olivier Dedieu,