Media praise for Web Database Applications with PHP, and MySQL

"Programming veterans will want more than this book offers (although they'll probably find themselves thinking 'Gee, I wish I'd had this when I began learning PHP'), but newbies will find 'Web Database Applications with PHP and MySQL' to be an excellent launch pad for their future endeavors. And veterans who are responsible for teaching PHP to their subordinates couldn't wish for a better instructional aid.''
--Anna Cahnda, AVN Online, October 2002.

"The authors' approach to teaching these tools was admirable. E-commerce is one of the most popular applications on the web and the development of such an engine employees a great many skills in terms of programming and database design. Important elements such as security, multiple users, managing inventory users, and multiple pricing thankfully received ample book time.''
--Paul Schneider, CompuNotes, Sept 2002

"Introduces techniques for building applications that integrate large databases with web interfaces. Using a three-tier architecture, the book focuses on the middle tier and the application logic that brings together the fundamentally different client and database tiers. The authors explain the principles behind searching, browsing, storing user data, validating user input, managing user transactions, and security."
--Booknews, July 2002

"'Web Database Applications with PHP & MySQL'...combines language tutorials with application design advice to yield a comprehensive picture of its subjects at a reasonable price. Williams and Lane--both Australian academics who use an online wine store in many of their examples--deserve tremendous kudos for their way of presenting recommended coding strategies.''
--David Wall,, July 2002

"A first class reference and highly recommended instructional guide.''
--Wisconsin Bookwatch, June 2002.

"A useful book that offers a lot of varied information in one place for updating your skills.''
--Phil Hughes, Linux Journal, June 23 2002

"As an intermediate to advanced PHP/MySQL developer, this book introduced me to some new concepts that I had never considered before. I see this book to be most valuable, however, to the developer who is just beginning his path toward this excellent technology. A+."
--Dave Whitinger,, June 2002.

"This book has all that you can expect in book about PHP and MySQL... If you are looking for a book that provides a good introduction and insight over the development of PHP and MySQL based applications, this may be a very good and up to date book on this subject."
--Manuel Lemos, PHPClasses Website, September 15, 2002

"If you need a quick start into the world of web applications, 'Web Database Applications with PHP & MySQL' is worth every penny."--Shelley Doll,, Aug 26, 2002

"The book manages to deliver on two levels at once--the concepts, planning and design process as well as implementation. It's also surprisingly well written, and manages not to be too smug or patronizing."--Nick Veitch, LinuxFormat, October 2002

"O'Reilly books are often seen as the missing manuals and training courses for the open source world, and 'Web Database Applications with PHP and MySQL' is no exception to this rule.?
--Simon Bisson, Application Development Advisor, August 2002

"As symbolized by the duck-billed platypus on the cover it is a book that will help you to survive in a rapidly changing world. Submerge yourself in proven technology and emerge unscathed once the dots have fallen out by the wayside. Recommended for its excellent examples which will save you thousands in case you need to develop a similar application."
--Information Security Bulletin, July 2002

"A useful book that offers a lot of varied information in one place for updating your skills. This book is subtitled 'Building Effective Database-Driven Web Sites,' and I feel it is right on target. This is not a book for someone unfamiliar with programming, but if you have a programming background, the book will get you thinking about web design (system design, not graphic design), as well as PHP and MySQL programming. Additionally, if you have dabbled with PHP and/or MySQL and are now ready to update your system design skills and move onto a larger project, this is a good book to move you along...All in all, this is a very good book. I have lots of books on PHP and databases and have found myself looking in multiple books in order to synthesize an answer. In many cases I can see the complete answer in this one book. If you don't need computer concepts and language hand-holding but want to do a database-driven web application right, this book is well worth the price."
--Phil Hughes, Linux Journal, June 23, 2002

"'Web Database Applications' is tightly-focused, packing in lots of solid technical information without wasting words. It does not pretend to cover all the potential uses of PHP, and the screen shots will not win prizes for design, but it's a great handbook for building robust, secure database applications with these popular technologies."
--Tim Anderson,, May 2002

"A comprehensive, tutorial-style roadmap for building data-driven web applications with PHP and MySQL...the book manages to be comprehensive without patronizing the reader...For seasoned developers, this could be the book that you wish you'd had when you started out building web database apps and data-driven sites. Keeping a copy around for reference, especially if you frequently jump back and forth between projects in different languages/environments, might also be helpful for those occasions when you need of a quick refresher in PHP/MySQL dev. Moreover, if you find yourself in the position of having to mentor junior developers (or helping non-coder friends) building or maintaining PHP/MySQL-based sites or apps, then lending them your copy or recommending that they buy their own could save you quite a bit of time and frustration."
--Brian Donovan,, June 13, 2002

"Even though it's designed primarily for web developers who want to use PHP and MYSQL, those who want to learn how to develop web applications should find it a valuable resource for self-teaching. Everything about this book lives up to the reputation of O'Reilly publications: well written, well-presented, supported by a website, and of the highest typographical standard."
--Major Keary, Book News 2002 No 10

"A first class reference and highly recommended instructional guide."
--Wisconsin Bookwatch, June 2002

"The book provides a good grounding in PHP and MySQL from the theory of databases and the Web to the development of a practical example of a completed application. Advanced topics are introduced and clearly explained. All in all, it is a comprehensive guide to developing web applications using PHP and MySQL. Recommended for anyone who wishes to develop mid-sized database applications or who wishes to hone his or her PHP and MySQL skills. So, did I find the book useful? Yes, very useful. In addition, I gained a
better understanding of some of the underlying principles."
--Les Benson, Big Blue & Cousins Newsletter, June 2002