Media praise for JavaScript: The Definitive Guide

"This book has been dubbed by me as THE bible for/of JavaScripting. Plenty of information on the nitty-gritty of JavaScript. I've been using JavaScripts with my web pages for a while now (4 years) and there was a wealth of information I didn't even know existed. The bulk of the book is an invaluable reference, better than any I have seen online. If you do JavaScripting and do not own this book; I'd like to know how you do it. I think it would be painful without it."
--Kenneth Wilcox, Boise Software Developers Group, Feb 2003

"A pleasure to use."--Major Kearny, PC Update, Dec 2002

"JavaScript is more useful than ever, and the JavaScript you use now can be relied upon (at least as much as anything in the computer industry) to remain stable for years to come. It's worth your time to become a more capable JavaScript programmer--and David Flanagan's 'JavaScript: The Definitive Guide, Fourth Edition' may be your best tool for achieving that goal. Well-known as 'The Rhino Book' for its cover, 'JavaScript: The Definitive Guide' has long been an outstanding resource for JavaScript programmers. Flanagan writes with discipline and clarity, and his book combines excellent tutorial coverage with a detailed reference that documents the classes, methods, and properties defined by the core JavaScript language. You'll live happily with this book for a long time."--Bill Camarda, Barnes &

"Flanagan delivers a book that more than measures up to its predecessor."
--Brian Donovan, ERCB, September 2002

"Once you've mastered the beginner Java books, this one's the one you want to live with! In true O'Reilly fashion, this book documents every nuance of the JavaScript 1.1 language specification. JavaScript features a useful discussion of the limited JavaScript support found in Microsoft Internet Explorer and provides excellent documentation of LiveConnect, the software that allows JavaScript to communicate with Java applets. High geek rating 5+."
--The Designers' Bookshelf

"If you are using Notes/Domino for web programming, you need to know JavaScript. This book will be your best friend as you code your applications...This book is an extremely comprehensive guide to both the JavaScript language and the Document Object Model (DOM) used by today's web browsers. Not only are the latest features explained, but the book also covers prior versions of the language so that you can use it to work on applications at any level. If you can only afford to get one book to help you with JavaScript coding, this would be the one to consider...It gives you all the information you need to be effective with JavaScript. I highly recommend it."
--Thomas Duff, Portland Domino/Notes User Group, October 2002

"Flanagan delivers a book that more than measures up to its predecessor - 'JS:TDG4' includes a substantial amount of new material and, as a whole, has been extensively updated...if you're in the market for a good JavaScript (or JavaScript+DOM) book, then 'JavaScript: The Definitive Guide' should undoubtedly be your first choice. Although my 3rd edition was so tattered from long use that I really had no choice but to upgrade, even owners of the 3rd edition who've managed to keep their copies in near-mint condition will probably still want to get their hands on the 4th edition if they haven't already done so-for the meatier and updated reference appendices if for no other reason. 9 out of 10."
--Brian Donovan,, July 26, 2002

"For serious web designers who must be capable of controlling every aspect of the web page, this guide is indispensable."
--, May 2002

"A must have for any web professional."
--Netsurfer Digest, May 3, 2002

"Since the earliest days of Internet scripting, web developers have considered 'JavaScript: The Definitive Guide' an essential resource. David Flanagan's approach, which combines tutorials and examples with easy-to-use syntax guides and object references, suits the typical programmer's requirements nicely."
--David Wall,, April 2002

"a superbly presented, comprehensive, and user-friendly guide for anyone seeking to utilize what JavaScript has to essential and core reference for anyone engaged with JavaScript web programming."
--James Cox, Midwest Book Review, March 2002

"If you're familiar with any of O'Reilly's definitive guides, you know that they are famous for having a small 'how-to' section followed by some of the best reference material you can find. This is certainly true for O'Reilly's 'JavaScript: The Definitive Guide'...When O'Reilly prints a book with the words 'definitive' in the title, they really aren't kidding. This is one of the best reference books on JavaScript you can find. If you regularly use JavaScript in applications, you'll want to set this book nearby."
--Salt Lake City ColdFusion User Group, March 2002

"'JavaScript Definitive Guide' is certainly a complete reference to the JavaScript programming language?For serious Web designers who must be capable of controlling every aspect of the Web page, this guide is indispensable."
--, March 2002

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"Once again David Flanagan has created the definitive reference text for JavaScript.. While not a JavaScript in 24 hours how-to, this book has plenty of illustrative examples and explanatory text. This combination of explanatory material and matching extensive reference sections make this a must-have book for any JavaScript programmer. Highly recommended."
--Andy King,, Dec 2001

"This is my most dog-eared book."
--About Cyberworld, Nov 9, 2001

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"Learning JavaScript is fast becoming a prerequisite to developing powerful Websites...whatever your level of programming experience, a great resource is 'JavaScript: The Definitive Guide.'"
--MIX, Feb 2001