Media praise for Creating Applications with Mozilla

"The book 'Creating Applications with Mozilla' did not set out to capture the essence of modern open source software development in a few hundred pages, but it comes closer to that unreachable goal than almost any other book I can imagine. Everything is there: the proliferation of acronyms, the funky names, the endless layers, the earnest collaboration, the unstoppable yearning for customizability, and, of course, plenty of source code. The book is just supposed to be teaching us how to turn Mozilla into a front end for everything, but it's really a distilled exhibit of all that is hip and now in code creation."
--Peter Wayner,, October 15, 2002

"This book shows that Mozilla is much more than a browser. In addition to offering capable e-mail, newsgroup, and Web page composer applications, Mozilla contains a sophisticated Web client development environment. A series of technologies allows programmers to inteact with and control Mozilla, and at slightly more than 450 tightly packed pages, 'Creating Applications with Mozilla' is the definitive reference to these technologies."
--Paul Barry, Linux Journal, October 2003

"Warning: right now there isn't a great deal of material to help you get started with XUL. The best source I've found is O'Reilly's 'Creating Applications with Mozilla,' which is available for reading online in HTML format, and is (thankfully) excellent."--Harry Fuecks,, May 21, 2003